• Grayson Technical Education Program

    Grayson Technical Education Program at Grayson High School

    Grayson High School strives to equip students for future success by providing a secure learning environment where students feel physically and emotionally safe, academically challenged, and empowered to enter the global community with confident preparedness. Striving to stimulate intellectual curiosity, Grayson High School infuses technology and encourages creativity in the learning process. Students will be responsible and motivated to achieve their potential, think critically, and work cooperatively in our diverse society.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can attend the Grayson Technical Education Program?

    Juniors and seniors from any Gwinnett County high school (including the Online Campus) are eligible to attend the Grayson Technical Education Program. Students are required to have successfully completed eight units of credit before applying for the Grayson Technical Education Program during winter registration. A student must meet junior requirements by August 1 to be enrolled in the Grayson Technical Education Program.

    Are classes for a semester or for the full year?

    Classes are year-long courses. Students will earn a total of 4 credits during the year. Each program area has at least one embedded academic credit within the program curriculum. Depending on the program, a student may earn language arts, math, or science credit while taking the courses at the Grayson Technical Program. Specific program information can be found on the website, www.graysontech.org.

    What are the class times and days?

    There are two sessions that students may choose from:

    Morning & Afternoon: 7:20-9:50 & 11:45-2:10

    Some schools have specific blocks in which they must attend based on their bell schedules. Classes are Monday through Friday.

    Do the Grayson Technical Program courses count towards HOPE?

    The embedded academic credit, as well as additional science credits earned in select Grayson Technical Programs, will count toward the HOPE GPA requirement. Contact the Grayson Technical Program or your home school counselor for more information.

    Do I need a parking permit to park at Grayson?

    Yes, with proper paperwork, a Grayson Technical Education Program parking decal will be issued to students, without charge, who do not attend Grayson High School. This entitles students to drive to the Grayson Technical Education Program only. Students should check with their home school regarding a parking permit for their home school. Students with Grayson High School as their home school will have to meet Grayson's parking requirements. Parking permits will be issued in the Fall.

    How do I enroll in a program in the Grayson Technical Education Program?

    Grayson Technical Program has an application process which begins early second semester each school year. Applications will be available online (click on link below). We invite any interested students to attend Open House as programs do fill quickly.

    Can l attend as both a junior and a senior?

    Yes, we have options available for 2nd year students based on enrollment and teacher recommendation. It is not necessary to attend for two years; however, students are strongly encouraged to do so. Students may also take a different Grayson Technical Program for their second year. Students must meet with their counselor to determine if they would be eligible for the two-year program.

    Where is the Grayson Technical Education Program located?

    The Grayson Technical Education Program is housed in the Technical Building on the campus of Grayson High School. Our address is 50 Hope Hollow Road, Loganville, GA 30052. Please visit the website by clicking on the link below for written directions.

    How does my schedule work with my home school?

    Students that attend the morning session (7:20-9:50) in the Grayson Technical Education Program will attend periods 4, 5, and 6 (3 and 4 on block) at their home school. Students that attend the afternoon session (11:40 -2:10) in the Grayson Technical Education Program will attend periods 1, 2, and 3 (1 and 2 on block) at their home school.

    Do I eat lunch in the Grayson Technical Building?

    No lunch is provided at the Grayson Technical Education Program. Lunch will be determined by the home school schedule.

    Can I take two programs at the Grayson Technical Education Program (stay all day)?

    Yes! Students can take both an AM and a PM block class at the Grayson Technical Education Program. The student would more than likely need to select programs that offer a different academic embedded credit, and also take a class through the Gwinnett County Online Campus or during Summer School in order to have room in his/her schedule. Staff at the Grayson Technical Education Program can work with interested students to determine what would work for the student’s schedule and plan for graduation.

    Is transportation provided?

    Transportation is not provided. It is the responsibility of each student to get to and from the Grayson Technical Education Program each day and on time. Please see your current school counselor or administrator with specific questions regarding transportation from local schools.

    What if I have already taken one of the classes that is taught in a Grayson Technical Program?

    Some courses that the Grayson Technical Education Programs include are taught at other high schools. If students have earned credit for one of these courses, they will receive an Audit for that specific course. All assignments that are required for that course will still be required and graded, as the program courses are blended and embedded into daily instruction. Students who receive an Audit for a course will be a pathway completer upon completion of the Grayson Technical Program, as all required courses for the pathway will be reflected on the transcript.

    Who can I contact for more information?

    Jill Landtroop, Assistant Principal, 770-554-7082

    Linda Yu, Internship Coordinator, 770-554-7092

    Alexis Johnson, Program Secretary, 770-554-7082

    Michael Gary, CTI Coordinator, 770-554-7844

  • Gwinnett Online Campus

    Gwinnett Online Campus (GOC)

    The mission of Gwinnett County Online Campus is to enhance the learning of students in a world-class virtual environment as we empower them with twenty-first century knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the local, national, and global community.

  • Maxwell High School of Technology

    Maxwell High School of Technology

    The mission of Maxwell High School of Technology is founded in educational research on increasing achievement, improving graduation rates, and sustaining student success in post-secondary experiences. The research-based initiatives that Maxwell will undertake include, but are not limited to, awarding of credit based on demonstrated mastery rather than instructional hours, providing a seamless transition for students to college and/or career, and assuring that the faculty represents the highest caliber of professionals with real-life experiences that can be transferred directly to student learning.

    Maxwell High School of Technology prepares students to enter the service industry or a post-secondary institution by providing Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) training that encompasses valuable academic, technical, and employability skills. Students from all GCPS high schools may obtain three concentrated units of credit in a Georgia Career Pathway by successfully completing a Maxwell program. In addition, Maxwell offers academic courses for graduation credit in English Language Arts, Math, and Science electives embedded within its specialized CTAE programs.

    Embedded credit is credit earned in an academic area of study (English Language Arts, Math or Science) while enrolled in a CTAE program of study. For example, the Cosmetology program offers a science elective credit in Anatomy & Physiology because the Cosmetology coursework is heavily embedded (filled with) the science of Anatomy & Physiology. Another example includes the Law Enforcement Services program which offers a science elective credit in Forensic Science because the Law Enforcement Services coursework is heavily embedded (filled with) the science of forensics. Every Maxwell CTAE program offers embedded credit in one of the academic areas of English Language Arts, Math or Science, as well as technical education credits for CTAE coursework.

    Dual Enrollment opportunities with Gwinnett Technical College (GTC) are available in the following Maxwell High School programs: Culinary Arts, Early Childhood Education, Law Enforcement Services, Maintenance & Light Repair, Metals, Personal Care Services, and Therapeutic Services. Eligible students earn both high school and college credit while enrolled in one of these programs. Tuition to GTC is paid 90% through the HOPE Grant, and GTC pays the remaining 10%. The student’s HOPE Scholarship is not impacted in any way for this dual enrollment opportunity.

    You are eligible to attend Maxwell if you...

    • are enrolled in a GCPS high school,
    • will have 8 high school credits earned in high school (not counting high school credits earned in middle school) at the time you complete the application,
    • will have 11 high school credits earned in high school (not counting high school credits earned in middle school), and be on track for junior or senior status by the start of the next school year,
    • have confirmed that the embedded academic credit in your program of choice is in line with your plans for graduation from high school. If you are unsure, check with your high school counselor. All Maxwell programs include an embedded academic credit in Language Arts, Math or Science.

    Eligible students will be placed in their first or second choice program as space is available. Students and their home school counselor will receive placement notifications prior to spring break in April.

  • Phoenix High School

    Phoenix High School

    The mission of Phoenix High School, as an alternative and complement to the traditional high school program, is to ensure the success of students who may be unlikely, for a variety of reasons, to reach their potential in a traditional setting. Our program is grounded in the uniqueness and inherent worth of the individual student. We believe that every student possesses the ability to become a self-confident, independent learner. Phoenix will enable each student to experience a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of belonging, and confidence in setting goals and making life choices. We will provide a variety of opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary for fulfilling adult roles.