• Girls' Basketball Team Roster

    Mya Wilson

    Milan LaGrone

    Kori Simmons

    Allison Cuttle

    Viekas Armoros

    Merissa Agyemang

    Aliyanna Escobar

    Angelina Antonini

    Tatum Williams

    Alyssa Donaldson

    Elana Shepardson

    Peightan Murphy

    Josalin Barnum

    Mojo Jowosimi

    Angelina Antonini

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  • Girls' Basketball

    Eligibility – To be eligible to play middle school basketball, students must be in seventh or eighth grade. Students must be in good academic standing (having passed at least 5 of 6 courses during spring semester and who are not repeating a grade 

    Required Forms – 

    As of 9/20/2023, physicals and all appropriate documents for tryouts should be connected or linked to

    Please read the instructions below carefully and note that you should do ALL RANK ONE ACCOUNT INFORMATION FIRST, and then take the HISTORY FORM to the Doctor to get your Physical Examination Form complete.

    Parent tutorial for RANK ONE can be located HERE

    Athletics Fee – The fee for basketball players is $275. This covers maintenance costs for the athletics program (specific expenses include custodians, referees, school resource officers, gym manager, scoreboard/clock operators, and uniforms). As part of this fee, basketball players will be provided a shooting shirt, warm ups and pre-game meals during weekday games. All fees must be paid no later by November 1 via MyPaymentsPlus.
    If a player resigns or is dismissed from the team due to behavior or ineligibility, no refunds will be made.

    Practices – Girls will practice after school Monday – Friday 4:15–6:00pm. Parents are responsible for picking up students at the designated times. 

    Transportation – Northbrook provides a GCPS school bus to transport student-athletes from Northbrook to the site of the basketball game for weekday games only. Northbrook does not provide a return bus back to Northbrook after the game. Parents are responsible for picking up student-athletes after each game. All student-athletes should be picked up by 8:00pm for all games.

    Northbrook will play games on Saturdays. Northbrook does not provide transportation for Saturday games. Parents are responsible for transporting student-athletes to and from basketball games (home and away games). Girls' games are from 9:00-10:30 am. Boys' games are from 10:30am-12:00 pm. All student-athletes should be picked up by 12:00pm.