• Digital Learning

  •  Digital Learning Days

    We have created TECH HELP Tickets to provide tech support upon request. If you’re having trouble with a school Chromebook, accessing the teacher’s zoom, or even in need of your student’s password, please click HERE to fill out a ticket and someone from the school will contact you shortly.

    Gwinnett County Public Schools has 4 digital learning days scheduled for the 2023-2024 school year:

    • Friday, September 15
    • Friday, November 3
    • Friday, February 2
    • Friday, March 15


    Password update!

    Don't forget that student passwords are set for their birthdate.  This will be 8 charcters in length.

    For example if your child's birthday is January 8, 2024, you would enter 01082024 as the password.

  • When?

    Any school closure will be communicated using SchoolMessenger, social media, the GCPS website, and local news outlets. In the event that a school closure is necessary, the district could opt to hold a Digital Learning Day rather than using a snow make-up day. If the decision is made to hold a Digital Learning Day, it will be communicated as noted above, and the school and district processes for online learning will go into effect. If a decision is made to use a standard make-up day, students and staff will not be expected to access assignments online.  

    On a Digital Learning Day, teachers will post assignments on their eCLASS pages. 

    • High school assignments will be posted by 8 AM. 
    • Elementary school assignments will be posted by 9 AM. 
    • Middle school assignments will be posted by 10 AM. 

    Mulberry Elementary teachers will be monitoring their page throughout the day if students or parents have any questions. You are also welcome to email your child's teacher if you have any trouble.

    If you have multiple students attending Mulberry Elementary, each student is expected to participate. This means each student will need to log in to his or her Student Portal/My eCLASS page individually.

    Gwinnett County Public Schools has 4 digital learning days scheduled for the 2022-23 school year.  

    • Friday, September 16
    • Tuesday, November 8
    • Friday, February 3
    • Friday, March 17

  • How do students log in?

    Visit the eCLASS login page to access the My eCLASS Student Portal.

    User ID = student ID number
    Password = students birthdate  2 digits for month, 2 digits for date, 4 digits for year  *For example  March 8, 2015 will be 03082015

    Please follow these directions to get to the Student Portal and to your teacher's eCLASS page.

    Please follow these eCLASS Navigation Tips to help once you are on your eCLASS page.

    Once on your teacher's page, please look for Digital Learning content posted on the Announcement/News.

  • Video directions on how to log in and navigate to your eCLASS

    How to log in to student portal