IB Course (IBC)

What is an IB Course Student?

  • IB Course students take 1, 2, or 3 HL (higher level) courses.  Higher level means that the school provides a minimum of 240 seat hours in the class over two years (junior and senior years).

What classes can I take as an IB Course student at Shiloh High?

    • IB English Literature HL (helps fulfill English Language Arts graduation requirements)
    • IB French B HL*
    • IB German B HL*
    • IB Spanish B HL*
    • IB History of the Americas HL (can take the place of US History requirement and helps fulfill Social Studies graduation requirements)
    • IB Sports, Exercise, & Health Science HL (helps fulfill Science graduation requirements)
    • IB Design Technology HL (helps fulfill Science graduation requirements)
    • IB Math Applications HL* (helps fulfill Math credit graduation requirements)
    • IB Film HL
    • IB Digital Society HL 

    *Teacher recommendation and approval needed for this course.