• I am a STAR Leader

  • I show LEADERSHIP when I am honest.

    • I tell the truth.
    • I do what is right when no one is looking.
    • I turn in work in my own words using my own ideas.

    I show LEADERSHIP when I am respectful.

    • I use polite words (Yes, No, Yes Sir, No Ma’am, Please, Thank You, Excuse Me).
    • I look at people when I talk to them.
    • I stop, look and listen when someone is talking to me.
    • I listen and follow directions.
    • I use a polite tone of voice.
    • I use appropriate language.
    • I look at people with a kind face.
    • I use good table manners.

    I show LEADERSHIP when I am responsible.

    • I take care of the school and everything in it.
    • I keep my work space clean and neat.
    • I help keep our school clean.
    • I get my materials ready throughout the day.
    • I turn in my homework on time.
    • I apologize when my actions are hurtful.
    • I think before I act.
    • I ask for help when I need it.
    • I come to school ready to learn.
Simpson norms are honesty, respect, responsibility, cooperation, kindness, perseverance, and courage
  • I show LEADERSHIP when I cooperate.

    • I work nicely with classmates and adults.
    • I take turns.
    • I include others in group activities.
    • I volunteer to help.
    • I can be counted on to do my part.
    • I solve problems without arguing or fighting.

    I show LEADERSHIP when I am kind.

    • I treat others the way I want to be treated.
    • I care for people and things.
    • I help people who need help.
    • I only say nice things to everybody.
    • I make others feel good.

    I show LEADERSHIP when I persevere.

    • I do my best work.
    • I work hard to be a good friend.
    • I keep trying even when things get hard.
    • I set goals for myself and work to reach them.
    • I stay on task and use my time wisely.

    I show LEADERSHIP when I am courageous.

    • I stand up for what is right.
    • I reach out to someone who needs a friend.
    • I am willing to try something new.
    • I speak up when I see a problem.
    • I am a role model to others.