What is PBIS?

    PBIS stands for positive behavioral interventions and supports. There are three main components of PBIS. They are teaching appropriate behavior in all settings, providing interventions when behavior expectations are not met, and recognizing students when behavior expectations are met.PBIS is a team based school-wide design for discipline which includes all students and all staff in all settings. It is a program that can be modified as we go along to better meet the needs of our student population by using the results of surveys completed by students, parents, and staff and the analysis of discipline data.

    PBIS Mission Statement

    It is the mission of the Camp Creek PBIS Team to facilitate a positive school climate that permeates all settings with clear and consistent expectations and positive behavioral supports.

    PBIS Core Values

    • Camp Creek has four core values:

    • Practice Good Manners

      • I will use polite words like “please” and “thank you”.

      • I will respect others and their property.

    • Actively Participate

      • I will come to class prepared to learn.

      • I will look, listen, and complete my work.

    • Work Together

      • I will follow adult directions

      • I will cooperate with my teacher and peers.

    • Show Self Control

      • I will work quietly.

      • I will keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself.

    • Students are expected to honor these core values in various school and school-related settings including the classroom, hallways, library, cafeteria, bathrooms, buses and school grounds.

    Major Components of PBIS

    • A school-wide, common approach to discipline

    • Positively stated expectations for all students and staff

    • Procedures for encouraging the maintenance of the expectations

    • Procedures for discouraging rule-violating behavior

    • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the discipline system on a regular basis

    Positive Paws

    • The Camp Creek staff believes in recognizing students who have demonstrated positive behavior. In our efforts to reinforce positive behaviors, students are rewarded in the following ways. 

    • Cubby Cash - given when students are doing the expected positive behaviors. 

    • Golden Tickets - Given to entire classes when they are making positive choices in public spaces. They are given in Specials, hallways, lunch room, and recess. Quarterly, if the grade level meets their goal, they are awarded a larger grade level celebration. 

    • PAWsome Student of the Month - Given to 1 student per class for going Above and Beyond in demonstrating the focus character trait.