• Spring 2024 Cub Clubs

    Cub Club Time: 7:30 AM - 8:15 AM 

    January 19, 26
    February 1, 9, 23
    March 1, 8, 15

    Costs: $70 per Cub

  • Puzzle Club

    Your little ones are getting the opportunity to explore all different kinds of exciting and fun puzzles. They will get to use their brain and be able to connect with peers in a different way.

    Leaders: Ms. Jazz and Ms. Humphrey
    Meeting in Ms. Alsobrook's Room
    Grades: K-2
    Registrants: 15 Max

  • Watercolor Club

    In this club, students will learn the basics of watercolor painting. Watercolor painting is an easy and fun way to express your artistic side. They will create many pieces of art. Some might take a couple of weeks to do.

    Leader: Ms. Quirk
    Meeting in Media Center
    Grades: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th
    Registrants: 20 max

  • Constructing Crafters

    Join us as we piece together knick-knacks to awaken our cubs' creative minds and then decorate them, illustrating their creativity.

    Leaders: Ms. Felton & Ms. Barr Wilkins
    Meeting in Ms. Wilkins' Room
    Grades: 2nd & 3rd
    Registrants: 20 Max

  • Learning with Legos!

    Each week students will work in small groups to collaboratively complete LEGO builds utilizing instructional booklets or creations that they develop as a team! Participating students will enhance their team building skills while working with peers to complete and create incredible LEGO masterpieces. 

    Leader: Mr. Mazzatta
    Meeting in the Art Room
    Grades: 3rd, 4th, & 5th
    Registrants: 25 max

  • Yoga Club

    This club will include age-appropriate yoga and movement. Your little yogi will get to practice fine and gross motor skills, social and group skills, and begin to learn mindfulness and breathing/calming tools.

    Leaders: Ms. Grizzell & Ms. Dimas
    Meeting in Ms. Grizzell's Room
    Grades: K-2
    Registrants: 20 max

  • Arts and Crafts Club

    Come join the Arts and Crafts club! Each Friday, we will use different materials to create a craft or an art project. You will use your creativity to bring home fun creations every week!

    Leader: Ms. Singleton & Ms. R. Parker
    Meeting in Ms. Humphrey's Room
    Grades: 3-5
    Registrants: 20 max

  • Cub Engineers

    Each week students will work to build/create a hands-on STEM-focused project. The projects will vary each week and allow students to explore different engineering principles. Some of the projects will include: a disc launcher and a drawing machine.

    Leader: Ms. Watkins & Ms. Z. Parker
    Meeting in Ms. Watkins' Room
    Grades: 4th, & 5th
    Registrants: 20 max

  • Girls on the Run

    Girls On the Run is a program designed to inspire girls to build confidence and other important life skills through dynamic, interactive lessons and physical activity.

    Leader: Ms. Shultz
    Meeting in Ms. Shultz's Room
    Grades: 4th & 5th
    Registrants: 15

  • Intro to Robotics

    This club will inspire youth to experiment and grow their critical thinking, coding, and design skills through hands-on STEM learning and robotics. 

    Leaders: Ms. Norcini & Ms. Stidham
    Meeting in Computer Science Room
    Grades: 3rd & 4th
    Registrants: 20 Max

  • Spanish Club

    This club will be an extension of the Spanish Specials class for students who would like to go deeper into their knowledge of Spanish. There will be games and dialogue. Students will make a Flip video in Spanish to share with their parents.

    Leaders: Sra. Haynes & Sra. Meehan
    Meeting in Haynes' Room
    Grade: 3rd, 4th & 5th
    Registrants: 20 Max