• Parking at Berkmar

    Student Parking Permit Application

    Students who wish to park at Berkmar must download, complete and return this form to the Community School office.

    Click here to download the parking application 

    Berkmar Parking Rules and Guidelines (Overview)Picture of Keys

    Students must purchase a parking decal in order to park on campus. A parking decal is $50.00 for the entire school year, which can be paid using MyPaymentsPlus. The parking spaces are numbered. When you receive your decal, it will also be numbered and you must park in the same space every day. First come, first served for numbered spaces. Decals can be picked up from Mrs. Najour.

    Berkmar has limited parking. Priority campus parking consists of seniors, juniors and Modified Day students. Berkmar students who attend other educational campuses (Maxwell, Grayson, Phoenix, etc.) must still purchase a parking permit. Parking permits are valid only for the person and vehicle identified by the school’s records. Lost or severely damaged parking decals must be replaced. There will be a $5 administrative fee.

    Students are not to park in nearby business areas or subdivisions adjacent to campus without the property owner’s written permission. Remember, cars parked elsewhere are subject to the laws and/or policies of that property.

    Poor attendance or excessive tardiness may result in the loss of parking / driving privileges. This loss may be temporary or permanent depending on the outcome of the tribunal.

    The parking lot is off limits to all students during the day unless the student is authorized to leave or has written permission from an administrator.

    Parking is not permitted in any driveway area, curbs along any street or any area not designated for parking on campus. Once you received your decal, you will have a numbered space to use each day. No parking in Handicapped parking unless the appropriate decal or tag is displayed for that vehicle. Students are to park only in student authorized parking areas.

    Parking Lots 

    • Student Parking Lots
      • There are designated parking areas for Berkmar students
      • You must have the appropriate parking decal to park within the designated lots
      • Parking tickets will be issued to all violators
        • Since parking spaces will be numbered, you will receive a ticket if you are parked in someone’s parking space
    • Faculty parking Lots
      • Tennis courts lot, Main Field house lot, Main Gym lot, Main Bus drop off/pick up area)
      • Reserved for faculty and staff only – at all times.
    • If an area is not mentioned above, it is considered a no parking area