Directions to Carpool Line Route

    When coming from Highway 20, go past Grayson Elementary School and make a left at the first light onto Rosebud Road. Once on Rosebud, make your first left onto Pine Grove Avenue. You'll see a car dealership on the corner. This will take you through a subdivision and will wind around to the front of Grayson Elementary School.

    Pine Grove at Rosebud









    Above is where you turn off  Rosebud Road onto Pine Grove Avenue. 

  • Bus Drivers Needed - Benefits Flyer

    Bus Drivers Needed - Benefits Flyer

  • Bus Riders

    All Bus Riders must have a county-issued bus tag attached to their bookbag each day. 

  • Carpool Line Route

    • Due to safety concerns, both morning and afternoon car riders must enter campus through Pine Grove Road. Car riders should not enter through the front entrance off Grayson Parkway.
    • When exiting the carpool line, please do not make a left turn towards Grayson Parkway out of the GES drive. There is a posted “No Left Turn” sign.
    • Please do not park in front of the gated driveway area of our campus. This is a designated “Fire Lane” and it is not a parent drop-off area. You may park directly across Grayson Parkway in the Community Park lot or in our designated Visitor’s Parking.
    • Children may not cross the street alone when dropped off or picked up on the opposite sides of the street. They must be accompanied by an adult. Please do not cross through cars in our parent drop off and pick up traffic lane. 

  • Morning Car Rider Drop-Off

    • Students may not be dropped off before the first bell at 8:20 AM, unless your child is attending a school scheduled function (ie. chorus, tutoring, or special arrangements made with a teacher or administrator). Otherwise, students must be dropped off through the carpool line.
    • No students may be on campus unsupervised prior to 8:20 AM. The building remains locked until 8:20 AM.
    • Students may not be dropped off at the front gate, next door to campus, or across the street. If students are not dropped off through the carpool line, they must be accompanied into the building by an adult.
    • All students who walk to school must have a walker tag approved through the front office and must be accompanied by an adult.
    • Please monitor your speed through the carpool lane or on campus. 

  • Afternoon Car Rider Pick-Up

    • Checkout ends at 2:30 PM. If you arrive after 2:30 PM, you must pick up your child through the car rider line.
    • We have a large number of afternoon car riders. For safety reasons, we can only call 13 cars at a time. If you are the first car in line, please pull all the way to the end of the sidewalk and turn to the right a little. This helps us fit 13 cars on the sidewalk. 
    • Please do not switch car rider lanes. Drivers who switch lanes will be asked to come inside the school to check out their children. 
    • All cars must have a GES-issued car rider tag. Please keep the car rider tag hanging from your rear view mirror until your child is inside the car.  Our carpool attendants cannot see your car number tags on your dash or the side of your window.
    • If you do not have a GES-issued tag, you will need to park and enter the school to check out your child. You will need to bring in proper identification (such as Driver's License) to check out your child.
    • We cannot release other children to cars without the proper tag. If additional tags are needed, you can aquire extra car rider tags from the front office.

  • Message to Parents: Checkout ends at 2:30 PM

    If you arrive after 2:30 PM, you must pick up your child via the car rider line. 

    Transportation Parent Authorization Form

    Transportation Parent Authorization Form (Regular Education Only) This form is to be completed for every elementary child with each transportation change.

    Temporary Transportation Changes

    An email to a teacher may not be viewed in time to make transportation changes. If your child is not going home by his or her normal method of transportation, please have your child deliver a note to his or her teacher.  The note should detail the revised transportation plan for that day. 

    Messages to Teachers

    Due to instructional time with the children, teachers have a 24-hour window to respond to emails and phone messages. Contact Shari Ayers or Mitzi Bishop.

    Guidelines for Walkers

    Drop Off time: 8:20 am
    Pick Up time: 3:20 pm

    (If it is later than 3:30 PM, please come to the front office.)


    • Walkers need to be pre-approved by GES Administration
    • Person picking up must have a walker tag with a number on it and be at the designated pick-up location on time.
    • Do not park your car and walk to the drop off/pick-up area
    • No cell phone use at Walker location