• Counseling Information

  • Anger Management (2-5)

    Anger Management: teaches students that anger is normal, but helps student to learn to express anger constructively.

  • Grief and Loss (2-5)

    Grief/Loss: allows students to express their feelings about a loss of a loved one.

  • Family Adjustment/Divorce (1-5)

    Family Changes/Divorce: allows students to express their feelings about, to examine the pros and cons of and facilitate the adjustment to family changes.

  • Peer Relationship/Friendship (1-5)

    Peer Relations/Friendship: helps students to identify potential friends, gives strategies for making and keeping friendships.

  • Responsibility (2-5)

    Responsibility: encourages students to become more aware of self, feelings, and actions; helps students to identify personal responsibilities and the consequences of their actions.

  • Self Confidence/Liking Myself (K-5)

    Self-confidence: focuses on identifying students' strengths and weaknesses, gaining confidence, setting goals, and engaging in positive self-talk.

  • Study Skills (3-5)

    Study Skills: helps students with organizing their time and work areas, teaches strategies for note-taking and test taking.


  • RoseMary Ruffner, Counselor


    RoseMary Ruffner provides many important services for our school's families. Our counselor teaches classroom guidance lessons, leads small counseling groups, works with individual students and consults with parents and teachers.

    The counseling department offers additional support services, including classroom guidance, individual counseling, and small group counseling. Our services serve to support students in becoming academically successful. 

    Please feel free to contact your counselor to register your child for one of our counseling workshops.

    Grayson Elementary offers before school and after school tutoring opportunities for students at various times in the school year. For information contact RoseMary Ruffner.