• Food Should Always Be Within Reach

    If you or your family don't always have money for food, visit the FoodFinder website or download the app to find places nearby where you can get free food and meal assistance. 

  • Adult Breakfast

    Full Meal: $2.50

    Includes 1 Entree 2 servings (1/2 cup) of Fruit 1 Beverage (Milk or Coffee) 

    Ala Carte

    Entrée $2.25

    Side $0.60

    Milk $0.40

    Coffee $0.35 

  • Adult Lunch

    Full Meal: $4.00 

    Includes1 Entrée 2 servings (1/2 cup each) of Vegetables 2 servings (1/2 cup each) of Fruit 1 Beverage (Iced Tea or Lemonade)

    Ala Carte

    Entrée $3.00

    Side (1/2 cup) $0.60

    Iced Tea $0.35

    Lemonade $0.35 

  • Breakfast


    1 Serving Bread/Grain* 

    1 or 2 Servings Fruit

    1 Milk

    *Bread/Grain may include a Meat or Meat Alternate. Students must select at least one (1/2 cup) serving of a fruit. 

  • Charging Policy

    Elementary school students will be allowed to charge up to $11.25.

    Charges are not allowed for supplemental or à la carte items. 

    Once the charge limit has been met, the student may receive a designated alternate meal at no charge as defined by the School Nutrition Program.

    A charge notice will be complete for each occurrence and notification will be sent home to the paren/guardian through the students. Additionally, once the charge limit has been met the parent/guardian will be notified by the local school via phone call, letter, or email.

    Charging for meals will not be allowed after April 30th.

    If you have any questions about meal charges, please contact the cafeteria manager. 

  • Elementary A la Carte Pricing

    Milk $0.40

    Extra Side $0.60

    Extra Entrée $2.00

    Dasani Water $1.25

    Envy Sparkling Juice $1.50

    Cookie $0.50

    Doritos $1.00

    Baked Lays $1.00

    Popcorn $1.00

    Rice Krispie Treat $1.00

    Fruit Snacks $1.00 

  • Elementary Student Lunch

    $2.25 Full Price, $0.40 Reduced Price

    Students may choose:

    1 Serving Meat or Meat Alternate

    1 Serving Bread/Grain

    1 or 2 Servings Veggie

    1 or 2 Servings Fruit

    1 Milk

    Students must select at least one (1/2 cup) serving of a fruit or a veggie 

  • Special Diet and Allergen Information

    If your student has a special diet or you need allergen information, you can contact the cafe manager for more information. 

  • This institution is an equal opportunity provider.