• What is the Technology Student Association?

    The Technology Student Association (TSA), formerly the American Industrial Arts Student Association (AIASA), established in 1950, is the oldest student membership organization dedicated exclusively to students enrolled in technology and engineering education classes in middle and high schools. Its rich history spans more than six decades.

    In 1978, AIASA was chartered as TSA and since then over 5,000,000 student members have participated through competitions, intra-curricular activities, leadership opportunities, community service, and more. Students that participate in TSA are 100 percent likely to graduate from high school. TSA currently has over 250,000+ student members.

    Advantages of membership include:

    • Professional development
    • Competition
    • Community Service
    • Employability Skills
    • Networking


    Imagine an activity so captivating that you spend hours working on it for weeks at a time. TSA offers countless opportunities for you to demonstrate your competitive edge and showcase your skills. TSA provides more than 70 competitions categorized by career pathways in Communications Technology, Computer Science and Information Technology, Leadership, Manufacturing and Transportation Technology, STEM (General), STEM and the Arts, and Technology and Research. You can compete at the local, state, or national levels in areas applicable to your Grayson Tech Program.


    There is no better way to build leadership skills than to help others improve. Through TSA you can plan and implement a community service project, run for chapter office, or compete in leadership development events. All of these experiences develop valuable leadership skills such as communication, decision-making, group collaboration, and problem-solving.


    SkillsUSA members are eligible for more than $1 million total in scholarships annually at the state and national levels. Give yourself an opportunity to get ahead by taking advantage of the generous support available only to SkillsUSA members.


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    To join the Grayson Tech TSA chapter, speak with your program instructor.

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