• What is PBIS?

    PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) is a proactive framework implemented at Alcova to foster positive behaviors among students. By establishing clear expectations and providing consistent support and recognition, PBIS creates a positive learning environment, reducing disruptions and enhancing academic engagement. This approach benefits students by promoting a sense of safety, belonging, and respect, contributing to their overall social, emotional, and academic development.

  • What is SOAR?

    At Alcova, SOAR serves as our comprehensive matrix for behavior expectations, guiding students to embody the core values of Scholarship, Ownership, Attitude, and Respect. By embracing the principles of SOAR, students are not only equipped with essential behavioral guidelines but also empowered to become well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to their school and broader community. 

  • What are Falcon Feathers?

    Falcon Feathers are more than just tokens; they represent acknowledgment of students' efforts and contributions to our school community. By receiving Falcon Feathers, students are not only incentivized to uphold our behavior expectations but also celebrated for their commitment to being responsible, respectful, and engaged learners.

  • What is the Falcon Flyer?

    Falcon Feathers are earned and collected over a designated period, typically spanning two weeks. Students can then exchange these accumulated feathers for rewards available through the "Falcon Flyer" program.

    As students collect these feathers, they eagerly anticipate the opportunity to exchange them for rewards from the "Falcon Flyer" catalog, which offers a diverse array of incentives ranging from small trinkets to meaningful experiences. This redemption process not only reinforces the value of positive behavior but also instills a sense of excitement and motivation as students work towards their goals.

    Falcon Flyer 1  Falcon Flyer 2

  • How Many Falcon Feathers Do You Need For Rewards?

    Students have a multitude of opportunities to redeem their hard-earned Falcon Feathers, extending beyond the offerings of the "Falcon Flyer." Aside from the catalog, students eagerly anticipate Falcon Popcorn Fridays, where they can exchange feathers for delicious treats, adding an element of fun and satisfaction to their week. Additionally, once every quarter, during our grand quarterly acknowledgments, students have the chance to cash in their feathers for special rewards and recognition on a larger scale. Importantly, there are no limits on the number of Falcon Feathers students can redeem, empowering them to choose rewards that resonate most with their achievements and aspirations.