• Art

    Art is an amazing way for young students to use their creativity and imaginations! Alcova's art program focuses on the fundamentals of the Elements of Art and Principles of design. We do this by creating two dimensional works of art using many different kinds of drawing and painting techniques as well as creating three dimensional works of art using clay and plaster and other materials. Students are encouraged to take risks and appreciate all types of artwork and artists! Here at Alcova, we believe in Picasso's theory, "Every child is an artist"!

  • Music

    At Alcova, students in all grade levels engage in music through speech, singing, movement and playing instruments. In the music room, students work individually, in large groups, and small groups to understand and practice the AKS in fun ways! Students experience various genres of music and are able to use their musical ideas to create, compose and improvise.

  • Theatre

    Lights Camera Action!!!!!! Alcova Elementary School's theatre program is one of four offered in Gwinnett County. The program offers a well rounded learning experience of performing and technical theatre. All students K-5 get the chance to perform for a crowd two times a year (fall and spring) within class. Our technical experience includes virtual reality field trips, lighting design, costume design, staging, and make up. The program also provides the chance for students to audition in our winter show and spring show case.