• Vision, Mission, & Values

  • Our Vision

    What we aspire to be . . .

    Alcova Elementary School will work together as a community to challenge students to do the best they can and support students by giving them the tools and strategies they need to achieve academic success and be independently successful in the future.

  • Our Mission

    Why we exist, our core business . . .

    The mission of Alcova Elementary School is to work together to build a solid educational foundation for each student.

  • Our Values

    What we value...

    We believe that Alcova Elementary School is a place where all students can and will acquire the skills needed to become productive citizens. By creating a positive, nurturing environment where each member feels safe to take risks, is given a variety of opportunities to succeed, and is provided with the most effective instructional techniques, each individual will be encouraged to meet his/her academic potential. We believe that each child should experience and demonstrate behaviors which build good citizenship and positive self-efficacy. Student learning is the chief priority for the teachers, students, parents, and community of Alcova Elementary School. Students learn in different ways so we value each individual and provide for the unique physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of each one.