• DES Media Center 

  • About Us

    Your DES media center is a world-class library and learning environment, featuring a collection of over 18,000 books, videos, and other media resources.  It is managed and curated by a professional media staff and school media committee and open throughout each academic day.  You will find no other school environment where young students can take full control of their learning, as they explore books and media resources for personal interests and projects.

  • Policies & Procedures

    The rules in the media center are the same as the rules throughout the school:

    Do your work. 
    Stay in your space. 
    Respect yourself, others, and property. 

    Books are generally checked out for two weeks but may be returned earlier if no longer needed.  We encourage Kindergarten and First-grade students to check out one book from the “Everybody” section each week.  Second and Third graders may check out two books per week. Fourth and Fifth graders may check out three books per week. Books may be kept for up to four weeks via renewal. Student checkout privileges may be expanded based on instructional need.

    A student with an overdue or damaged book may not check out or renew another book until the book is returned or paid for. The fee for lost or damaged books is $15.00 for hardback books and $5.00 for paperbacks. Paperback books are marked PBK on the overdue slip - all others are hardback. The fee for lost or damaged books can be adjusted by the media specialist in situations of financial need.  Contact Mr. Carey at 770-277-4451.

  • Dedicated to Every Student

    The safe and supportive learning environment we offer is made possible by generous local funding and staffing.  As such, it constitutes a very large-scale investment for our school.  Please join us as we justify that investment by sharing the success of our DES students, as they become responsible, resourceful, and highly literate participants in their local and global communities.  Thank you for your support.

  • Library & Learning Commons

    Our spaces are carefully designed to meet the diverse needs of our students.  They can be flexibly re-arranged for special activities and events, such as author visits and Skype sessions.  Wireless Internet access is available for students and teachers throughout the facility.  We provide comfortable seating for reading, large whole-class instructional areas, and a makerspace section.  We support 24/7 learning with a variety of online resources made available via the student portal and the DES Media Center eCLASS homepage.

  • Contact Us

    You could be a part of this team!  Our library friends (volunteers) assist with book checkouts, shelving, working with students and staff, and other light clerical work based on our need and their preferences. Please email Mr. Carey, or call us at 770-277-4451 if you are interested in becoming a part of our DES Media Team.

  • Paul Carey - Media Specialist
    Follow me on Twitter @librarianpaul

    Pat Bush - Media Clerk

    School Phone: 770-963-7174