• Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where should I send my student's absence excuse note?

    Your student can bring the excuse note to the 8th grade office or you can email the excuse note to the 8th grade clerk, .

  • Who should I contact for issues with a school-issued Chromebook?

    Please contact Austin Nix.

  • Who do I contact if my student doesn’t know their eCLASS password?

    Please contact your student's 1st period teacher. 

  • Who do I contact for technology problems with eCLASS?

    Please contact Sherrie Disco or Austin Nix.

  • My child is supposed to be in a Gifted class. Why doesn't it say Gifted next to their class?

    • All of the teachers at Pinckneyville have been certified to teach gifted courses, so all students benefit from gifted instructional strategies. 
    • If your child has been identified as gifted, by meeting certain qualifications, the classes on their schedule will have GF/GIFT next to them.  (For example, Language Arts GIF 7).  
    • If your child has not been identified as gifted, they may still be in a gifted cluster class, but it will not be designated on their schedule.

  • My child has always been in Accelerated Science. Why are they not in Accelerated Science this year?

    All 8th graders take the High School Physical Science course which is already accelerated.