• Options for requesting transcripts:

    • If you are attending a college in the state of Georgia, you can request your transcript through GA Futures for free. After your request, an electronic copy of your transcript is sent to the college(s) you select. Your Social Security Number must be on file at Lanier in order to request transcripts through GA Futures. This works well for colleges not in the CommonApp.
    • MyPaymentsPlus: You can request an official hard copy of your transcript by going to MyPaymentsPlus. Transcripts take 48 hours to process. After 48 hours, they will be available for pick up at the Counseling Office. Lanier High School does not mail, fax, or email transcripts.
    • CommonApp: If you are using CommonApp to apply to the college you want to attend, you must sync your account to Naviance.
    • Naviance transcript request process: There is a $5 fee for Naviance transcript requests that covers all initial and mid-year requests for Naviance only. The payment for the fee is located on MyPaymentsPlus under Naviance Transcripts. Students must request a transcript under the "Manage Transcript" tab in Naviance.
    • NCAA: Ms. Druian will be uploading all initial, mid-year, and final transcripts to NCAA Clearing House once transcripts are finalized. Students must create an NCAA account for the transcript to be uploaded. Please contact your student's coach if you need more assistance.

    Graduated Students:

    Please call the Counseling Office at 678-765-4769 to request your transcript.  Transcripts take 48 hours to process and must be picked up in the Counseling Office.  They can not be emailed or mailed. Cost is $5/transcript, cash or check.