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    InSPIRE is ideal for students who enjoy math and science, as well as those who love to learn by doing. Students who enjoy problem-solving and collaborating with others are also ideal candidates. This program is available to all students, of all ability levels. Our InSPIRE schedule can accommodate students in both standard and accelerated math, as well as for students who qualify for gifted or special education instructional programs.

    The goal of InSPIRE is to increase college and career readiness through a collaborative and rigorous curriculum and to empower students to become innovators and technologically proficient problem solvers. Typical classroom instructional strategies will include:


    • Focus on Problem Based Learning – Students work individually, in pairs, and in small groups to engage in interdisciplinary projects throughout the semester that allows for a unique learning experience. Projects help students experience the world as it exists outside of the classroom walls.
    • Integration between the Content Areas – Literature, writing, classroom activities, and projects allow students to master skills and content for language arts, math, science, and social studies. This allows in-class experiences to have greater relevance to the student.
    • Emphasis on 21st Century Skills – Students will explicitly practice and hone skills related to critical and creative thinking, collaboration, communication, leadership, and technology.