• Peachtree Ridge Cluster STEM Certification


    Peachtree Ridge STEM Cluster Vision
    In line with Peachtree Ridge's vision of One Ridge, the cluster continues to leverage the engineering design process to create a community of thinkers, K-12. Additional STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) access for all students through the ASPIRE program, grades K-5, inSPIRE, grades 6-8, and SPIRE (STEM Program for Innovation, Rigor, and Excellence), grades 9-12, reduces variability between the classes for some 9500 students at the seven schools - Burnette ES, Jackson ES, Mason ES, Parsons ES, Hull MS, Northbrook MS and Peachtree Ridge HS.


    Peachtree Ridge High School’s GA DOE STEM certified SPIRE (STEM Program for Innovation Rigor and Excellence) Program aims at providing equal access to quality STEM education for all students. This program is an interest-based program where any student who desires to experience science through an engineering lens within a project/ problem-based environment can opt-in. Senior SPIRE students have multiple options including internships (on and off campus), mechatronics and Advanced Placement Science/ Math/ Computer Science courses as well as a Scientific Research IV class

    According to Peachtree Ridge High School principal, Dr. Jeff Mathews,  “These graduates may become involved in STEM careers as a result of the increased collaboration and professional development within our school focused on increasing relevancy in the classroom as we prepare the next generation of leaders." STEM is not “a part” of what we do “for some of our students”. It is a tool to increase our graduate's options as well as “seal the leaks” in the STEM pipeline. Daily, we work to decrease variability between our classrooms and embrace the evolution of relevance and rigor for all of our students.

    Peachtree Ridge feeder middle school, Hull is in its first year of preparing for STEM Certification. Currently, there is a STEM presence across all grade levels. 6th grade currently has a 3 teacher STEM team. Our Career and Technical Education department offers an Engineering/Computer Science class as well as a technology club.

    Peachtree Ridge feeder elementary school, Jackson is in its third year of preparing for STEM Certification. Currently, there is a STEM presence across all grade levels with a technology special and a STEM special.