Parkview Student Dress Code

  • A student’s appearance should not be a distraction/disruption to the learning environment of any other student. Instruction is interrupted when a student has to be seen by an administrator because of inappropriate clothing. The guidelines for student dress are not intended to be punitive, but to promote academic success. The administration may have to address students whose clothing is disruptive to the learning environment. The following guidelines are to promote a positive learning environment for Parkview students:

    Avoid any attire that includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    • Attire in which undergarments are visible.
    • Attire that exposes the buttocks, midriff area, or with low or revealing necklines.
    • No headgear is to be worn inside. (Exceptions are granted by the administration)
    • Any attire that depicts, promotes, or advertises gang affiliation, illegal activity, illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco, sexual references, and offensive words or designs. 
    • Jewelry or accessories that could be deemed unsafe or injurious to self or others. 
    • No blankets or pillows.

Student Dress Code Violation Consequences

  • When students come to school in clothing that is considered inappropriate by the school staff, they will be subject to the following consequences:

    • 1st offense: Students will be asked to call home for a change of clothes. Students will be provided the choice of wearing a “suitable
      cover,” as available, if clothes cannot be brought from home.
    • 2nd offense: Same as above.
    • 3rd offense: Student reports to the grade level administrator. Parents are called and students will be assigned ASD

    Parents are notified each time. If the student continues with dress code violations, the parent and administrator will discuss future consequences.