• Transportation Information

  • Each day, Simpson Elementary teachers and staff make certain that our almost 1,000 students get home safely. Changes in transportation require extra care each day to safely get students where they need to be.  

     If a parent changes (change means a deviation from the weekly plan the parent has provided to the teacher) their child's transportation, please note:

    • Transportation changes must be made in writing (Change of Transportation Form) and must include the following information:
      • Date
      • Child’s Name
      • Parent/Guardian’s Name
      • Teacher’s Name
      • Child’s Usual Transportation Home
      • New arrangements
      • Parent/Guardian Signature
    • Changes in transportation of any kind will NOT be accepted via email, FAX or phone.  Please do not email the teacher any time sensitive information.  This is for the safety of your child.

    ** It is very confusing for students, as well as teachers, to alternate between car riders, bus riders, day care riders, walkers and bike riders.  Please make sure your child knows any change in transportation plans!

  • Alternate Transportation Form

    If your child takes the school bus to a stop that is not your assigned bus stop or if your child attends day care, please complete the alternate transportation form and email the form to your child's teacher.  

    **Please note, the Transportation Supervisor must approve ALL Alternate forms. Students must be going to this Alternate location all 5 days. Please do not assume you have been approved until you receive a call from the Transportation Office. Should you have questions about, please contact Harry Brewer at 770-326-8701. 

    Alternate Transportation Form

  • Bike Riders

    Bike Rider Guidelines

    1. Riding a bike to and from school is a privilege reserved for fourth and fifth grade students only.  (Only exception – students who are accompanied to and from school by a parent or guardian.) 
    2. Bike riders arrive and dismiss through the front doors of the school.  Bikers should not arrive on campus before 8:20 AM to assure personnel are on duty to assist them at crosswalks.  

    ** We do not encourage bike riding to and from school due to the high volume of car and bus traffic in and around our school campus.

  • Bus Riders

    Bus Rider Guidelines

    1. Riding the bus is a privilege – it is not a right. Bus transportation is offered to all Gwinnett County students. Improper conduct on the bus will result in the privilege being denied.
    2. All students receive a green (kindergarten) or yellow (1-5) Bus Tag to keep on their backpacks.  
    3. If a student gets a new backpack, please send the Bus Tag with the new backpack to the front office, and we will attach the Bus Tag to the new backpack. 
    4. If a student loses his/her Bus Tag, the teacher will send the student to the office, and we will provide a new Bus Tag.  
    5. A student must have a Bus Tag to board the bus in the afternoons.  
    6. If a student rides a bus every day that is not the student's home bus, the parent must complete a Transportation Parent Authorization Form.  

    ** Due to the limited number of school buses and bus capacity, the District does not allow students to ride another bus as transportation for birthday parties, scouts, play dates, or any other reason.  

  • Car Riders

    Car Rider Guidelines

    1. Morning Procedures
      1. Please do not park and walk a child through traffic lanes or ever allow a child to walk through lanes alone.
      2. Students who ride in cars may enter the 3rd grade doors each morning beginning at 8:20 AM.  
      3. The Car Rider line closes at 8:45, so students can be in class when “Good Day Simpson” goes on the air at 8:50 AM. After 8:45, please park in the row closest to E. Jones Bridge Road and walk students to the front door.  
      4. Staff members will help students in and out of cars and enter the school each morning if needed.  
      5. Children must load and unload from the passenger side of the vehicle only.
      6. Car drivers should remain in their vehicles.
    2. Afternoon Procedures
      1. Cars need a tag number to pick up a student in the afternoon.  
      2. If the parent knows his/her child will be a car rider for various after school activities during the school year, the parent should purchase a car rider tag.
      3. Car rider tags cost $2.00 (for two tags) and can be purchased at the Welcome Desk. Replacement tags cost $1.00.
      4. Hang the car rider number from the rear view mirror where it is easily visible.
      5. Pull in the side parking lot of the school, utilizing both the outside and inside lanes of the parking lot. 
      6. As you approach the curve where the traffic merges into one lane, please be courteous as you take turns merging into one lane.  
      7. At this point, we ask you to turn off cell phones so your full attention focuses on children who are getting in cars.
      8. Advance forward slowly as you approach the pick-up area where students are entering cars and pull all the way up in the driveway so approximately 8 cars can be loaded/unloaded at the same time.Please stay in line with the other cars.  Do not try to go around the other cars.
      9. Children must load and unload from the passenger side of the vehicle only.
      10. In the afternoon, daycare vans load at the entrance to the third/fifth grade wing to free up the traffic flow.  Car traffic should stay to the left of the daycare vans when proceeding around the corner at the third/fifth grade wing.  You will then be directed back into the right-hand lane to pick up your child.
      11. Please turn off all cell phones when driving in and around students.  Arrival/dismissal is a busy time and students are moving in all directions.
      12. No child standing in the car rider lane will be released to anyone who walks up to the line and asks for his/her children.  
      13. If a parent is late picking up their child, the child will be taken to the front office where the parent, upon arrival, must come into the front office and present their ID to pick up the child.
      14. Please be aware - if a note has been written to request that a student be a car rider and no tag number is on the vehicle picking up the student, the driver must park and come in to the front office.  He/she will be asked to provide a photo ID. A staff member will check to see if the person is listed on the authorization form to pick up the child.

    ** On rainy days, we have a high volume of car riders.  A finite number of cars can go through the line during the thirty-minute arrival window. Students who ride the school bus will not be counted tardy if the bus arrives late; however, those who come as car riders (regardless of weather or traffic) are considered tardy after 8:50 AM.

  • Day Care Riders

    Day Care Rider Guidelines

    Several day cares serve our school.  Daycare vans drop off and pick up in the car rider lane.

    If your child attends day care after school:

    1. Please complete the Day Care Rider Form and send it to your child's teacher on Meet Your Teacher Day. 
    2. If you are making a Change of Transportation during the school year, plesae complete both the Change of Transportation Form and the Day Care Rider Form, and submit both forms to your child's teacher before the change occurs.  

    Your child will receive an orange Day Care tag to keep on his/her backpack.  

  • Walkers

    Walker Guidelines

    1. Walkers arrive and dismiss through the front doors of the school.  
    2. Parents who meet their child should wait for him/her next to the power pole near the three way intersection.
    3. Parents should NOT park on side streets and ask children to walk to them.
      1. Please do not park on neighboring streets and ask your child to walk from school to where you are parked.  
      2. We have a large volume of bus, car, bike and walker traffic.  Children darting in and around parked cars on neighboring streets create a very dangerous situation.
      3. We want to be a good neighbor to houses around our school.  Parking at their curbs or on grass is upsetting to the owners.
    4. Students should be reminded to be kind to our neighbors; do NOT run through their yards or play on/around their trees and shrubs.
    5. Walkers should only cross streets at intersections.

    **  We do not encourage students walking to and from school without an adult due to the high volume of car and bus traffic.