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    Mission: To enrich the creative learning experiences of 4th and 5th grade Art Club members. 

    Faculty Advisor: Ms. Adamczyk

    Description of Activities: Equipped with a growth mindset, artists will participate in creative service-learning projects such as Chairs for Charity and our annual Habitat for Humanity hand crafted art fundraiser. Artists will also participate in a fun-filled, educational field trip! Throughout the year we will grow our artistic abilities as we make our own artwork. We will end the year preparing for, and participating in, Montage, our school's annual fine arts night!

    Local Affiliation: Norcross Elementary

    Meeting time & dates: Friday mornings at 7:15 a.m. in the Art room. Art Club begins August 18, 2023 and ends March 29, 2024. Signed permission slips are required for membership.