Parkview Faculty Profile 2023-2024

Teaching Experience in Years of Experience

Teaching Experience in Years of Experience
  • Facts about Parkview staff's job experience

    • In total, our staff (certified and classified) have 3787.5 years of experience in education and 2923.5 years of experience in GCPS. 
    • The average years of experience in the field of education for a Parkview employee is 15.5 years.
    • In addition, our staff have 1201 years of experience in other industries and fields, with an average of 9 years of experience working outside of the field of education.
    • Our staff bring diverse background knowledge and skills from a truly staggering list of previous careers such as...
      • Administrative assistant, communication specialist, data analyst, project manager, sales
      • Lawyer, criminal justice, dispatcher, jailer
      • Accounting, banking, finance
      • Customer service, food service, retail
      • Actor, dancer, graphic designer, singer, theatre director, videographer
      • Registered behavior technician, preschool teacher, speech language pathologist, paraprofessional, academic advisor, social worker
      • Massage therapist, medical assistant, phlebotomist, patient specialist, radiology technologist, surgical technologist
      • Electrical engineer, laboratory technician, laboratory researcher, marine scientist
      • Sports coaches and players, including at the college and professional level
      • Business owners, construction, military service, stay-at-home parent
      • Insurance, IT, management positions, ministry, non-profit administration
      • Archaeology, energy auditor, event planner, flight attendant, hospitality, manufacturing, SCUBA instructor, telecommunications

Education Levels: All Staff (Certified & Classified)

Education Levels: All Staff (Certified & Classified)
  • GCPS Graduates (All Staff, Certified + Classified)

    • Parkview Graduates: 32 (13% of Parkview employees)
    • GCPS Graduates: 71 (29% of Parkview employees)

    Academic Background (All Staff, Certified + Classified)

    • Our staff hold degrees from 118 different colleges and universities in at least 6 countries.
    • International colleges & universities: 8 institutions in 5 different countries
    • University of Georgia graduates: 53 (22% of Parkview employees)
    • Georgia State University graduates: 33 (14% of Parkview employees)
    • Piedmont College graduates: 17 (7% of Parkview employees)
    • University of West Georgia graduates: 17 (7% of Parkview employees)
    • Kennesaw State University gradates: 15 (6% of Parkview employees)