Thread Therapy

  • Purpose/Mission:  Crochet club is a club developed to create a space where people can learn to crochet, or have fun crocheting together and sharing tips. This club is all-inclusive to students and teachers! 

    We work on projects together as a group, providing written patterns and helping them hands-on. Crocheting is a great hobby that can have a very positive effect on people’s mental health. It can calm and relax you, even helping to relieve anxiety. Thus, the name ‘Thread Therapy.’ Doing so as a group, can also make for a stronger sense of community and friendship.

    Sponsor(s):  Daniel Lloyd

    Meeting Location:  

    Meetings will take place on every first and last Wednesday of the month. Members are not required to attend every meeting, but must attend at least once a month and participate in group projects. 

    School Sponsored Activity.