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2023 State Health Benefit Plan Member Survey

If you are a member of Team GCPS and you participate in the State Health Benefit Plan, please look for an email from Louis Amis, Executive Director – State Health Benefit Plan (, to get access to the 2023 State Health Benefit Plan Member Survey. The survey is open through July 10, 2023. 

This survey includes questions about your experience with your current health insurance plan, your preferences for healthcare options, and your interest in additional benefits that we are considering for the future.  

If your link does not work or you did not receive the email, please email for a new link.

Please see below for FAQs.




Q1. How will I know the email is an official email and if the link is safe to click?

A1. The official email from SHBP will come from This is our email vendor. The link should direct you to  


Q2. Am I receiving this survey because of anything I did?

A2. No. This survey is being sent to all State of Georgia teachers, public school employees, State agency employees, legislators, and eligible Pre-65 retirees who are members of the plan.


Q3. Will everyone receive the same survey?

A3. Yes, but some follow-up questions in the survey change based on how you respond. For example, if you are dissatisfied with your current insurance plan, we may ask you to share what is most dissatisfying. Additionally, the order of responses or small details may be slightly different across respondents. These are random differences and are not related to anything specific about the member. The random differences allow the survey to gather more information without taking up too much of your time as a respondent. 


Q4. The survey mentions insurance plans and benefits different from what I have today. Is SHBP making changes to the plan?

A4. The goal of the survey is to understand what members do and do not find valuable today. 


Q5. An employee I know did not receive the survey. Why not?

A5. There are several potential reasons for this. The survey will be sent in 2 waves. Some members may receive the survey several days before others. This is to ensure that our mailing system is working properly. Additionally, it is possible that some employees have opted out of the State Health Benefit Plan and therefore will not receive the survey. If you know of an employee who is an SHBP member and did not receive the email, they should first check their spam inbox as sometimes emails with links are automatically filtered. If the SHBP member still cannot find the email and would like to complete the survey, they can reach out to NOTE: To ensure each member only responds once, the links are single use. Members are asked to not forward their links to other members. 


Q6. Will my responses be attributed to me?

A6. No, the survey is set up to prevent any collection of personal information. Member responses may be grouped in large sub-groups based on similar characteristics that members provide within the survey (for example, tenure, family status, or geographic region) but will not be analyzed at the individual level.


Q7. How long will this survey be open?

A7. The survey will be open until July 10th.