2023-24 Employee Giving in GCPS

  • At Gwinnett County Schools, we believe in partnering with organizations that help save lives. We also respect that while employee giving can result in improved organizational engagement and outcomes, giving is a personal choice.

    GCPS students, families, and staff are passionate about where their students attend school and work together to support the needs of their local school. Each year our GCPS principals choose to share giving opportunities with the students, staff, and families that attend their school to support each and every student through contributions that go directly to their school to address their needs.

    The Engagement Office will provide all Team GCPS members (students, families, staff, and partners) with opportunities to give back and pay it forward. By calendaring out campaigns throughout the year, we are ensuring equal promotion and access to employee communications.

    American Heart Association  August – September 2023 

    United Way  October – November 2023 

    GCPS Foundation  January – February 2024

    Relay for Life  March – April 2024 

    While schools and teams may have fundraising efforts outside of these windows, this calendar depicts the districtwide communication efforts for the 2023-24 school year. All advertising or campaigning within the district must adhere to state laws and school board policies, including but not limited to BOE Policy KJ “Advertising/Campaigning on School Property.”