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Cast & Crew Bios

  • * indicates a member of the International Thespian Society

    Kiy'el Abreu* (Run Crew, Co-Technical Director) is excited to help bring Much Ado About Nothing to life! He is a senior, and this will be his 7th and final show at Archer. He's previously acted, been on run crew, done spotlight, and been on sound. As co-technical director, he has spent many hours outside of school to help build and design the set. Enjoy the show!

    Brianna Allen* (Quartermaster Antonia) is super happy to appear in Much Ado after being in Mamma Mia, Coarse Acting Show, and Radium Girls previously this school year. In past years, she appeared in Norse Mythology Ragnasplosion and Peter Rabbit. She has had an amazing time working with the cast and crew members. This will be her last show at Archer and will be moving onto college at KSU where she will pursue psychology!

    Olivia Ansong* (Captain Leonata) is a junior and is thrilled to be showing all of you the wonders of Shakespeare. You might have seen her in the ensemble for Mamma Mia, as Gnasha in Coarse Acting, Von Sochocky in Radium Girls, and as Simpkin in Peter Rabbit. Her character Captain Leonata is ready to kick up a storm so grab your swords and eyepatches and enjoy this swashbuckling tale of Much Ado About Nothing!

    Damella Barnes* (Admiral Donna Jane / Honor Thespian) is a senior at Archer. This is her third year working with the Archer Theater Dept. and her 10th and last time participating in an Archer Theatre Production. From run crew, to lighting and sound, to acting, to even stage management, she has done it all and she is proud to take her final bow on Archer's stage with Much Ado About Nothing. She has been a part of all the shows from 2022-2024 and she is so excited for everyone to see all the hard work everyone has put into this play both on stage and behind the scenes. Thank you all and enjoy the show!

    Makalya Bussey* (Lady Hero) is a junior this year and this is her 6th show at Archer. She is proud of her friends after a year of amazing shows! She enjoys writing in her spare time and plans on getting a film degree after High School. She wants to thank her family for coming and hopes that everyone enjoys the show!

    Mollie Conner* (“Seven Strings” Shaughnessy of Balthasar / Honor Thespian) is a senior here at Archer. This will be her 8th show in the department and she is super excited! She plays guitar in this show and in many ways that is a dream come true for her. She has had an absolute blast on this show and cannot wait for you to see it. This is Mollie’s last show at Archer and is immensely thankful for this department and all the opportunities it has provided her. She’s proud to be a theater kid :)

    Mello Daniels* (Pinkmane) is so happy to be a part of an amazing play because he enjoys the fashion of the play and had fun helping with some costume idea. he hopes everyone enjoys the show and loves the hard work the cast put in to it because it wasn't easy TRUST and believe.

    Chloe DeCourte* (Assistant Stage Manager / Honor Thespian) is a junior and is so happy to be an assistant stage manager for Much Ado About Nothing. She has seen this show come together from start to finish and is insanely proud of all the work everyone has put into it. You may remember seeing Chloe on stage in previous shows such as Norse, Peter Rabbit, Radium Girls, The Coarse Acting Show, and Mamma Mia. She is so excited for you to see the last show of this year’s incredible season. Words cannot describe how much she loves this department and how much it's grown. Enjoy the show <3

    Adam Derise* (Amazon Jack of Balthasar / Honor Thespian) has been through the ringer with Much ado about nothing. Being his eighth show and second pirate show, Much ado completely changed his perception on what he could overcome and accomplish in theatre and can’t wait to show it off with all of you.

    Brooke Dunn* (Stage Manager / National Honor Thespian) is a junior at Archer High School and is overjoyed to be Stage Managing for the first time for her 11th show at archer. She has previously been seen as Grace Fryer in Radium Girls and as Thalia in The Lightning Thief. She wants to thank this wonderful cast and crew for the memories and she loves each and every one with so much of her heart. She cant believe this is her last show with all of the wonderful seniors. "Friendship is constant in all other things" - William Shakesphere

    Lucian Endozo* (Boatswain Conrade / Honor Thespian) is excited to have her closing show to be one where she’s a villain! While silly and sarcastic in real life, It becomes her when she is onstage. Snarky, witty and stylish are all parts equally her and Conrade.

    Jakob Garland* (Drums McFadden of Balthasar) is a senior at Archer High School. Much Ado About Nothing is his final show here at Archer, after performing The Adventures of Peter Rabbit (2022), Radium Girls (2023), and The Coarse Acting Show (2024). He hopes to put on a good performance on the Archer Theater stage for the final time, and hopes you’ll enjoy it.

    Madeline Garner* (Verges the Vigitant / National Honor Thespian) is a senior at Archer High School and is SO honored to have the opportunity to be a bimbo pirate in her tenth, and last, show within the program! Madeline has previously played characters such as Donna in Mamma Mia, Ashley in Emma: A Pop Musical, and Clarisse La Rue in The Lightning Thief. The theater program has been such an impactful part of Madeline's life for the past four years. She would like to thank everyone involved for making this such a beautiful last show- especially Kate, Mollie, and Parker for being the best support system... and Eden, Head of Costume Crew, for letting her take her final bow in a pink corset :)

    Rubi Ghani* (Run Crew) is a freshman at Archer High School, and is so very glad to be working on Much Ado. This is her first time doing run crew at Archer, but she has acted in the childrens play, Channeling Grimm, and the ensemble of Mamma Mia! She's looking forward to doing much more work in the theater department, and is extremely elated to be a part of this wonderful community!

    Kiyanna Grimes* (Sound) came from Berkmar to Archer High. This is her last show here at Archer. She has been in various shows such as Beauty and the Beast, No problems, It’s not you It’s me, The lion king ect. Kiyanna can’t wait to do sound for the first time.

    Adryenna Guthrie* (Sexton of the Sea / Honor Thespian) is a senior entering her last and 8th production at Archer. She's thoroughly enjoyed her 3 years at Archer Theatre and is so thankful that her love of theatre has grown. She's had so many opportunities to do amazing things and meet amazing people through theatre. You might have seen her in as She in The Coarse Acting Show and most recently in Mamma Mia! She hopes you enjoy the show!

    Wyatt Hanson* (Ulysses P. Sandalwood) is in his 3rd year with Archer Theatre and his 8th show at Archer High School. Previously, he was Footrotski in The Coarse Acting Show and a member of the ensemble of Mamma Mia. He brings a great deal of passion to his work, having the true spirit of a pirate for this show.

    Chloe Harper* (Run Crew) is excited to help behind the scenes of an Archer show for the first time

    Alix Harris* (Georgia “Shark-Bait” Seacole / Honor Thespian) is a junior at Archer, and this is her 9th show at Archer. She absolutely loves this show and this cast, and is sad to see all the seniors go. She did lights for Radium Girls, acted as Antoine in Coarse, and stage-managed Mamma Mia! She can't wait for the shows next year!

    Mea Holley* (Mary “The Fife” O’Malley of Balthasar) is a senior at Archer High school! She has been in theater for all four years and has been in a number of plays. Though she loves the spotlight some of her favorite memories have been made out of it and because of theater, has made friends that will be with her for a lifetime. She has loved inviting all her friends and family and running out to them at the end of the shows. She owes her theater memories to the people that were there to make them with her. Mea would like to thank the special people in her life for also being there and supporting her dreams.

    Carli Hossom* (Run Crew) is a senior at archer highschool, this will be the 3rd show she had participated in. She is a member of the paint crew in the stage craft class and has helped paint this set.

    John Jeffcoat* (First Mate Claudio / Honor Thespian) is a junior at archer and he is ecstatic to be apart of his 9th show here at archer theatre. He is obsessed with this department and extremely pleased with the overwhelming happiness it has given him. John has forged friendships stronger than steel in this department and he is NOT ready for them to come to an end. He loves you all dearly. Sleep, drink water, and take care of yourselves.

    Evan Johnson* (Hugh “Herring-Brain Otecake / Honor Thespian) has been in doing shows since his sophomore year, and has been in every show he could since. This is Evan's last show at Archer and is excited to perform.

    Sumayyah Khan* (Seadog Dogberry) is absolutely thrilled to be on stage once more for another performance here at Archer. This will be her 6th show with a few others being The Adventures of Peter Rabbit, Radium Girls, and The Coarse Acting Show. She has enjoyed being a part of the advanced acting class this year, and cannot wait for the audience to see all the hard work that has been put forth for this show

    Kyle Kolenda* (Quartermaster Borachio / Honor Thespian) is excited to be returning to the stage in Much Ado About Nothing! He has been in six productions at Archer, having participated in shows such as Puffs! and Radium Girls. He has put his all into this production, and hopes everyone can enjoy watching the show as much as he has enjoyed working on it.

    Melanie Krone* (Friar Francis, Co-Choreographer / International Honor Thespian) is a senior and this is her 13th show and final show at Archer! Melanie is beyond happy with this production and all of her work in the theatre department. You may remember Melanie as Rosie from Mamma Mia or Cedric Diggory from Puffs. Throughout her time in the department, she has been an assistant director, a choreographer, an actress, a run crew member, a light operator, a sound operator, and a step-in stage manager. She is very excited about all the costumes and the giant pirate ship for the show! She is sad that this is her last play in high school, but is ready for Senior Showcase, May 2nd and her last Chorus Concert May 14th. After high school, Melanie plans to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Musical Theatre. She is beyond happy for everyone that has supported her in high school and can't wait for the next chapter of her life! :)

    Dell Lameiras* (Captain Benedick / Honor Thespian), Senior, is overjoyed to play Benedick in his 8th and final show on Archer's beautiful stage. Considering his long-standing obsession with pirates and his new-found obsession with Shakespeare, this show has been a dream come true. Bringing the fruits of his 5 years of Theatre education to the stage, Dell hopes to delight audiences and give that grand curtain a lovely goodbye. (Also Beatrice stinks.) Free Palestine. Dell loves you all.

    Amara Lewis* (Mankiller Margaret / Honor Thespian) is in her 9th show at Archer. This will be her last show in Archer Theatre. She's so excited to act as Mankiller Margret. In previous years Amara played as Card in A Walk Through Wonderland, Daughter in Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, Mary Bennet in Emma, a part of run crew for the Norse Mythology play, ushered for the Peter Rabbit children's play performed by the acting class, Hannah in Puffs, Photographer in Radium Girls, Merry Minstrel, Enema, and Binki in Course Acting Show and Ensemble in Mamma Mia. She wants to thank everyone who came to see her today, she loves you very dearly, and hopes you enjoy the show.

    Piper Lloyd* (Whistling Wendy of Balthasar / Honor Thespian) is a Sophomore at Archer and is so excited (and scared) for the final show of the 2024 school year! You may recognize her from previous shows like Radium Girls and Mamma Mia, or from her position on the thespian officer board. She's eager to spend the rest of her high school career in a community that she loves so much. She is also a fairy princess in training and the #1 most likely person to secretly be Strawberry Shortcake.

    Angie Maharaj* (Lights) is a sophomore at archer and you might have seen her as cottontail in Petter rabbit or as the ghoul Amalia in radium girls but this time she is switching to the tech side of things and is doing lights for much ado.

    Eden O’Brien* (Ursula Death-Bringer, Co-Choreographer / National Honor Thespian) is a junior and is so excited to perform in yet another show at Archer! Although it was difficult to understand Shakespeare at first, she has had a blast rehearsing for Much Ado. You may have seen Eden most recently as Sophie in Mamma Mia! She would like to thank her wonderful costume crew for their hard work, Mr. Work for being an incredible theatre teacher, her fellow thespian officers for being amazing friends, and a huge thanks to all her senior friends that she's grown so close with. She loves all of them very much and is so proud of each and every one of them. Eden hopes that you enjoy the last show of the year!

    Lyric Page* (Assistant Stage Manager / Honor Thespian) is graduating.

    Justin Sagocio* (Pirate King Don Pedro) is excited to step foot on Archer's stage once again. This will be his 7th and last show in Archer because he will be graduating this year, and is devastated that he'd be leaving soon. He is glad to have found such a family, and will continue to remember this department.

    Julianne Salazar* (Run Crew) is a junior and so excited to be helping out with the play much ado about nothing. This is her first time doing run crew but its still an exciting experience.

    Parker Skillen* (Captain Beatrice, Scenic Designer / International Honor Thespian) is a senior this year. This is her third year in the Archer Theater Department, and her final show at Archer. She is head of the props department and thespian president here at Archer, she’s been in shows Mamma Mia, The Lightning Thief, Emma, Norse, and Anatomy of Gray. As the set designer for the show, she is so excited to have all the actors and herself bring this incredible show to life. Now from the bottom of her heart enjoy this show of romance and deception and whole lot of fun! Shoutout to mamma skillen who has been her biggest supporter.

    Gabriela Uribe* (Run Crew) is happy to say that she has had a fun time during this show and is excited for how this play will play out. Gabriela is a junior at archer and has been other shows at archer such as a assemble in lighting thief ,and nyord in Norse Mythology Ragnasplosion in the last two years. And finally Gabriela is grateful for everyone contributing and feels like everyone has done an amazing job in this show.

    Iman Uzair* (Jacqueline Sparrow) is a senior at Archer and she is playing as Jacqueline Sparrow for her last show here. She has also been in Norse Mythology, Radium Girls, and Coarse Acting!

    Wali Uzair* (Harmonica Harry of Balthasar, Assistant Music Director / National Honor Thespian) is a senior at Archer High School. This is his eleventh and, unfortunately, last show at Archer. He has had past roles like Grover Underwood in The Lightning Thief, Wayne Hopkins in Puffs, and Harry Bright in Mamma Mia, and is glad to have a musical role once again despite the show not being a musical. He's satisfied to have been able to teach music, and is excited to perform songs with the rest of Balthasar.

    Sav Veasey* (Run Crew / Honor Thespian) is a Senior who enjoys the behind the scenes aspect of theater. This is her 4th year in theater and has worked on several productions over the year. She is excited to be doing spotlight for her last production. She previously did lights for the Course Acting Show, she was run crew in Mamma Mia, and played as Rumplestilskin in the children’s show Channeling Grimm.

    Emma Williams (Run Crew) is excited and pleased to be a part of the crew of Much Ado, she has been in numerous plays including three plays in Archer: Channeling Grimm, Mamma Mia, and Radium Girls. This is Emma’s senior year at Archer and her last play in this school. She is very happy to be graduating with amazing memories doing theater and will take it with her through her journey.