• A Walk Through Wonderland; Saturday, May 1
  • A Walk Through Wonderland

    May 1, 2021

    This original adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland was written by our Advanced Drama class in Spring 2021 to create a walking production of Alice that adhered to COVID-19 protocols for the safety of our performers and audience members.

A Walk Through Wonderland Videos

  • To create this walking production of Alice in Wonderland, which had multiple groups performing at once, we had multiple actors playing Alice, the White Rabbit, and the Queen of Hearts. There are three video recordings of the production to showcase each of these performers.

    Recording #1: Brooklyn (Alice), Donnetra (White Rabbit), Aliya (Queen of Hearts)

    Recording #2: Charity (Alice), Cai (White Rabbit), Blessin (Queen of Hearts)

    Recording #3: Casey (Alice), Ny'Asia (White Rabbit), Blessin (Queen of Hearts)

  • A Walk Through Wonderland poster
    A Walk Through Wonderland artwork by Sabria Ellerby

  • A Walk Through Wonderland Cast & Crew

    Charity Archer       Alice
    Casey Moore       Alice
    Brooklyn Schnupp       Alice
    Ny'Asia Bell       White Rabbit
    Donnetra Freeman       White Rabbit
    Cai House       White Rabbit
    Aliya Burr       Queen of Hearts
    Blessin Peters       Queen of Hearts
    Kayla Argo       Cheshire Cat
    Cameryn Carr       Duchess
    Kate Hunter       Frog Footman
    Taylor Carlyle       Caterpillar
    TC Nanna       Mad Hatter
    Megan Cobley       March Hare
    Sabria Ellerby       Card Guard
    Madison Mason       Card Guard
    Ryan Dockery       King of Hearts
    Molly Kalifeh       Tweedledee
    Lahna Wempner       Tweedledum
    Caleb Dean       Jabberwocky
    Mikey Jones       Jabberwocky
    Mr. Brian Work
    Jori Wilson       Stage Manager
    Caroline Dale       Music
    Tyion Hunt       Run Crew
    Amara Lewis       Run Crew
    Clare Lindsey       Run Crew
    Giana Luces Genovese       Run Crew
    Ziggy Monkpe       Run Crew
    Khurshid Nabizada       Run Crew
    Joey Pavlich       Run Crew
    Kelsey Slinn       Run Crew
    Alhanna Smith       Run Crew
    Bonnie Stubbs       Run Crew
    Blake Willingham       Run Crew

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