Berkeley Lake's Clinic

  • BLES provides the services of a Clinic Worker/ Nurse.

    Rodrigo Maragni is our clinic worker and can be reached at 770-582-7515.




    The following are a few reminders about our policies:

    Clinic information must be completed by the parent for each student and is filed in the clinic. 
    Keeping the clinic information current with all changes in daytime telephone numbers and cell phone numbers is imperative. 

    If a child becomes sick during the school day, the clinic staff will attempt to reach the child’s parents. If unsuccessful, other emergency contacts listed by the parents will be called. 
    The clinic staff will call parents if they have concerns for the health of a student. 
    In case of serious medical emergencies, paramedics will be called. 

    The clinic staff dispenses all medications. 
    No medication, including over-the-counter products, can be given unless it is sent in the original container with written instructions from the doctor and/or parents. 
    All medications, including over-the-counter products, must be sent to the clinic in the morning. 
    Children are not to have medications in their possession during the school day. 
    For medications given on a long-term basis, a special form must be filed with the clinic. Click here to view the medical forms. If you need to complete one of these forms, please reach out to the clinic nurse at our school for the form and details.
    Medications are not sent home with children. Parents must pick up the medications from the clinic.