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    Student Handbooks

  • Attendance Policy

    Attendance Procedures for Students

    We advise students to turn in all absence notes to the attendance office during non-instructional time. If the student has three consecutive absences from class, the appropriate counselor and an administrator will be notified.

    Last Check Out for Students is at 1:20 pm.

    Unexcused Absences / Late Arrivals For Students

    Absences and late arrivals are unexcused for all other reasons, including, but not limited to:

    1. Missing the bus, oversleeping, power outage
    2. Vacations, trips, family visits
    3. Car trouble, babysitting, running errands, and traffic congestion

    A student will be considered as having an unexcused absence or check-in unless a valid note is provided.

    AWOL Information

    Definition of AWOL: Being absent from school or class without permission
    Examples of AWOL: Skipping an entire class period; being 10 or more minutes late to class without an excused pass; leaving class without the teacher’s permission
    How can I avoid being AWOL?
    Be a responsible student and hold yourself to a high, professional standard.  Attend all of your classes. Use time management to get to class on time and stay in class.  Bring sick notes from your parent or guardian to the attendance office for any missed school days.

    Excused Absences: To excuse an absence please bring a note from your parent or from your doctor to the Attendance Office before school or during lunch. Please see Rule 10 in the GPCS Student Handbook for further explanation of our attendance policy. 

  • Dress Code

    McClure Health Science High School is the premier Health Science High School experience in Georgia. In an effort to maintain this standard, we encourage students to present themselves in a way that promotes professionalism in dress. The following guidelines were created to help inform decisions when deciding what to wear to school.

    At McClure Health Science High School, the clothing that is selected to wear should not diminish our daily academic focus. Our core business of teaching and learning is disrupted when a student has to be referred to an administrator for dress that does not promote professionalism. If a student is dressed in a style that does not promote professionalism based on the discretion of a school administrator, the student will be asked to correct the situation. Failure to comply will result in a discipline consequence.

    Medical scrubs and medical uniforms are permitted on a daily basis. Students are encouraged to purchase these items from the school store.

    Official McClure Health Science lanyards must be worn at all times.

    Clothing that does NOT promote an image of professionalism is an outfit that…
    · Shows cleavage
    · Shows midriff
    · Shows bottoms/ upper thighs
    · Shows undergarments
    · Includes head covering (hats, doo rags, headbands that cover the full head, etc.)
    · Includes inappropriate pictures/texts

    Clothing that DOES promote an image of professionalism is an outfit that…
    · Covers your chest
    · Covers your stomach
    · Covers your bottom/ upper thighs
    · Covers your undergarments
    · Has appropriate content on shirts
    · Uncovers your head unless for religious purposes

    Inappropriate Dress

    • Spaghetti straps (at least 2in)
    • Sleeveless/one sleeve blouses
    • Halter Tops
    • Extremely short shorts
    • Tops that reveal midriff or lower back
    • Headgear/ headbands, caps, scarves, bandanas
    • Pants below the waist
    • Tank tops/muscle shirts
    • See through blouses or low cut blouses
    • Violence ord drug images
    • Pajamas or house shoes
    Consequences For Clothing
    1st offense = SIR with a warning consequence (student must be able to change clothes to fit within the dress code. If the attire cannot meet compliance then the student will report to ISS).
    2nd offense=SIR/Referral with a consequence of administrative detention.
    3rd offense=Referral with a consequence of ISS.

    Consequences For Headgear
    All headgear will be confiscated, though returned within 24 hours with an SIR/referral.

  • Tardy Policy

    Tardy to School: Students are considered tardy when they arrive on campus any time after the 7:12am start of school. Tardy students must sign in with a parent/ guardian at the Attendance Office.

    Tardy to Class: Students are considered tardy to class when they arrive after the last bell has finished ringing. 

    Students are expected to be on time for school and to all classes. Failure to do so will result in the following consequences for unexcused tardies: