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    General Information

  • Our unique health science program allows students the opportunity to take courses that focus on medical terminology, healthcare laws and practices, and skills to prepare for a career in healthcare. We have a growing program that promotes professionalism, community service, and student success.  

    As a certified healthcare provider, students are provided the opportunity for job-stability, career advancement, and familiarity with post-secondary healthcare education. Our state of the art technology allows students to gain practical hands-on experience while learning vocabulary, mechanics, and application of healthcare. Students have the option to choose a field to have direct care of patients or provide clerical support to clinical staff. We have developed strong community partnerships with several large health providers around our area to ensure that students have on-the-job shadowing experiences and potential employment options.  

    Our Health Science team ensures the integrity of the program matches current standards, as all of our educators have industry experience. Meet our dynamic team! 

  • Discover the benefits of certification! Many of our pathways are offered through NHA, a national certifying agency, who has collaborated with higher learning institutes to provide college credits! Please learn more about how earning certification can also provide you with credit towards your college education.