Academic Support

  • GSMST’s curriculum is rigorous and accelerated.  To be academically successful, students must be motivated to learn and seek academic support regularly.  Successful students follow the tips below.

    • Use a calendar or daily agenda to record assignment details and deadlines.

    • Check each teacher’s eCLASS page daily.

    • Take excellent notes in class and review them often. 

    • Use a study partner or study group.

    • Ask plenty of questions and communicate with your teachers.  

    When students feel that they are falling behind or have not performed well on an assessment, they should schedule time to receive academic help using the options listed below.  However, students should not simply show up for tutoring.  They must be prepared in order to see the benefits of receiving help.  To prepare, students should…

    • Make a list of topics to discuss during your help session.  This could include highlighting a portion of your class notes that you did not understand.  

    • Request to review a previous test.  Make corrections to ensure you understand your mistakes.

    • Bring your homework to review and/or complete. 

    Check out additional study tips from GSMST students on the counseling page.  

    8th Period Flex Time

    Flex time takes place during silver days in 8th period.  Students have blocks of time (A, B, C, and D) to sign up for sessions for academic intervention.  Teachers may also request students who need additional academic support.  If students do not sign up for any of their flex time blocks by Monday at 4 pm, students will be automatically assigned to a location.  

    Teacher Office Hours

    All GSMST teachers offer weekly intervention/help hours in addition to their 8th period sessions.  It is vitally important that students take advantage of this time if they are struggling in their classes.  We highly recommend that students seek help from their teachers whenever they are struggling with a particular concept or if they have a C or lower in the class. 

    NOTE:  Teachers have regular meetings on Monday afternoon.  Students should not stay after school on Mondays.




    Language Arts

    Social Studies

    World Languages

    Fine Arts

    GSMST Writing Center

    The Writing Center provides writing support to all GSMST students.  We welcome all types of writing, including but not limited to: college essays, resumes, and grade-level projects.  Visit the Writing Center’s eCLASS page to schedule an appointment and check out some writing resources.

    Peer Tutoring

    Several student organizations offer tutoring for GSMST students.  Students should sign up for a tutor using the appropriate links in eCLASS.

    Computer Science Club

    National Spanish Honor Society 

    National German Honor Society 

    Chinese Club

    Mu Alpha Theta - Math tutoring is available during flex block 8A.  Students may sign up in Student Support Time.  Walk-ins are also welcome for tutoring every Thursday afternoon in Mr. Thurston’s room (5.362).

    Helpful Resources
    If a student is struggling in one or two classes, the counseling office recommends that parents first contact the teachers of these subjects.  Our teachers are often the best resource to help you understand the specific areas in which your student is having difficulties.  The counselors are available to sit in on these meetings if necessary.  If your student is struggling in many subject areas, counselors are available to collect feedback from teachers and facilitate meetings when necessary.

    9th Grade Study Resources

    10th Grade Study Resources