Internship & Partnership Programs


    Our Internship and Partnership Department supports the connection of academic experience and workplace contexts by partnering with industry and academic leaders in Gwinnett and surrounding counties. Each grade level has a unique opportunity to learn about STEM careers, beginning with our 9th Grade Speaker Series events and culminating in our 12th grade Senior Capstone Experience internships.  

    These professional experiences are designed to allow our students to put their academic STEM theory into practice through real-world experiences. And our advanced and accelerated STEM studies make GSMST students ideal interns for organizations cultivating:  

    • High-Level STEM Skills Sets
    • Strategic Partnerships
    • Workforce Development
    • Economic Pipelines


    2018 recipient of the Innovative Partnership Award from the National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools.

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  • Internship: 12th grade Capstone


    All seniors complete a year-long Senior Capstone Experience (SCE) internship. This is a culmination of academic and professional experience which provides students with an opportunity to collaborate with a mentor who is a current practitioner in an applied STEM field.  SCE internships can be on-site at the mentor's office and/or lab or virtual/remote contact. 

    All Capstone Experiences:

    • involve concurrent enrollment in an internship class,
    • coursework which is evaluated by a GSMST faculty member,
    • a culminating capstone deliverable project, and
    • a final presentation of work that is submitted at the end of the experience. 

  • Internship: 11th grade Fellowship


    GSMST juniors complete a one-semester Junior Fellowship Experience (JFE) internship. This program partners university and industry experts with our students to complete in-depth work assignments and projects. After thorough on-campus professional training with our JFE coordinator, students can choose to participate in a career internship or an independent project.

    Types of JFE internships include:

    • short-term (one semester),
    • long-term (yearlong), or
    • independent research (either a ten-week semester, or an eighteen-twenty week school-year).

  • STEM Site Visits: 10th grade

    Phase two of the Partnership Program involves our 10th grade students participating in a

    • fall STEM site visit and
    • spring JFE preparation program

    This phase of our work-integrated learning programming supports student exploration of potential internships for their 11th grade Junior Fellowship Experience.

  • Speaker Series: 9th grade

    The GSMST Speaker Series hosts professionals and academics from around the state to provide 9th grade students with exposure to and information about various areas of interest in STEM-related fields. Occurring two times throughout the school year, professionals are invited on campus to be signature speakers.

    In this seminar-style format, students choose speakers in their area of interest. These presentations allow small audiences of students to attend a 30-minute presentation about the speaker's educational background, area of research, career path, organization or university. 

    This is a great networking and entry-level partnership opportunity for STEM professionals in and around the county.

    Speaker Series 2023-2024 Event Dates:

    • October 4, 2023
    • February14, 2024

    If you are interested in being a speaker, please email Meg Scheid.

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    There are a variety of ways for industry and universities to partner with GSMST.

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