• The Gwinnett County School District has selected the BENCOR National Government Employees Retirement Plan to provide retirement benefits as an alternative to Social Security for employees who are not eligible to participate in other state or locally sponsored FICA alternative plans. This plan covers those employees who are in a part-time position (work less than 20 hours per week), or are hired as seasonal or temporary employees in the Gwinnett School District. This Social Security alternative retirement plan is mandatory for any Gwinnett School District employment that is less than full-time, including substitutes. This is a defined contribution plan, administered by BENCOR, Inc., and is funded entirely by employee contributions from each payment period (payroll deduction).

    Former employee payroll deductions for the BENCOR Plan are refundable after a one month separation from employment. A BENCOR Refund Form must be completed. This form is not available from the Gwinnett School District and can only be obtained by the former employee contacting BENCOR directly at (866) 296-9712.

    For a more detailed explanation of the BENCOR Plan, please refer to BENCOR's website.

    BENCOR Plan Overview & FAQ

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