• Our Instructional Focus

    At Dacula Middle School, we want our students to become highly literate critical thinkers who can problem solve.  We rely on three foundational pillars as a resource to increase student success -- Literacy, Critical Thinking, and Problem Solving. These skills are essential in helping students navigate our ever-changing world in preparation for success in college and careers.  Though students may now know the answers to their questions, they will have the skills necessary to find the answer themselves or collaboratively and then communicate their learning to others. 


  • Reading. Writing. Speaking. Listening. Oh my! In preparation for college and careers, DMS students will engage in a variety of reading and writing activities to help build their literacy skills.  They will also have the opportunity to work with their peers to sharpen listening and speaking skills through debates, speeches, and discussions that help to push their ability to think critically.

Critical Thinking

  • The goal of Dacula Middle School is to prepare our students for their futures after they complete middle and high school.  Whether they choose college or a career, our students will be able to expand their minds by thinking critically to make informed decisions based on evidence to support them.  Students may not know all of the answers, but we’ll teach them the skills to know how to find the answers.

Problem Solving

  • At Dacula Middle School we want to make sure that our students can define problems, generate ideas, develop solutions, and evaluate the effectiveness.  They must have the knowledge and skills to solve problems and connect them to the real world.  Hands-on activities and projects that clearly define how lessons connect to the real world will help students gain a greater understanding of their world.


Blended Learning

  • Blended learning provides students with the opportunity to experience a combination of teacher-led instruction and online technology that enables student-centered learning.  Our use of a blended learning model not only helps to meet the diverse needs of individual students, but also helps to prepare them for Dacula High School, where they will partake in numerous scheduled Digital Learning Days throughout the school year.