• Media Center

  • Expectations

    The Pharr Media Center should be a quiet and peaceful area of our school community. Students are welcome during school hours to come in and read or work on assignments with teacher permission. All patrons are asked to follow these expectations:

    • Be respectful of all others in the Media Center.
    • Be responsible for your library books.
    • Be ready for learning and reading.


    Student Policies

    Book Check-Out:

    • Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade students may have 1 book checked out at a time.
    • 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students may have 2 books at a time.

    Student Responsibilites:

    • All materials may be borrowed for two weeks at a time.
    • Materials may be renewed once so that students may have items for a total of four weeks.  To renew a book, students must bring the book into the media center.
    • Lost or damaged items must be replaced with a $15 fee for hardback books or $5 fee for paperback books. (If items are later found and returned, the fee will be reimbursed.) 
    • If an item is overdue, students may not check out until the item is returned or the lost book fine is paid. We do not charge late fees.

Phone: 770-736-2031


Degrees and Certifications:

Sarah Powell