• Drop-offs and Checkouts

        • No drop-off before 8:15 am. 
        • Parents should only drop them off at the back of the school after 8:15 am. 
        • No checkouts after 3:30 pm.

  • Bus Call SlideShow

  • Bus Discipline Consequences

    • 1st Bus Disciplinary Referral – 1-3 day suspension from the bus and/or school suspension including in-school or out-of-school suspension.
    • 2nd Bus Disciplinary Referral – 4-9 day suspension from the bus and/or school suspension including in-school or out-of-school suspension.
    • 3rd Bus Disciplinary Referral - 10 day suspension from the bus and/or school suspension including in-school or out-of-school suspension.
    • 4th Bus Disciplinary Referral - Bus suspension for the remainder of the school year and/or school suspension including in-school or out-of-school suspension in addition to a possible disciplinary panel with GCPS.

  • Bus Change Request

    For student safety, to avoid overcrowding, and for behavior management on the buses, GCPS Transportation Department does not allow students to ride a different bus or to get off at a different bus stop unless there is a permanent bus change or an unexpected family emergency (i.e. serious illness in the family, accidents, a death in the family, etc.). For an emergency, temporary bus change, or permanent change, please contact the main office with a written note or phone call. Be sure to include a phone number where a parent or guardian may be reached to discuss the request. Students or parents must submit a transportation form to the front desk before 9:20 am.

  • Bus Safety Rules

    1. Students will follow the directions of the driver.
    2. Students should be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus arrives and waiting in a safe place, clear of traffic and 10 feet from where the bus stops.
    3. Students will wait in an orderly line and avoid playing.
    4. Students will cross the roadway in front of the bus after the bus has stopped, they have looked at the driver for a hand signal, and they have looked in both directions for traffic: left, right, left.
    5. Students will signal the driver with a waving motion if something is dropped and wait for the driver to give a signal before picking up object.
    6. Students will go directly to assigned seat when entering the bus, keeping the aisles and exits clear.
    7. Students will remain properly seated, back against the back of the seat, bottom against the bottom of the seat, and keep their hands to themselves.
    8. Students will not eat, drink, chew gum, or bring tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or any controlled substances on the bus.
    9. Students will not carry animals, glass objects, nuisance items, hazardous materials, or weapons onto the bus. Students may only carry objects that can be held on their laps.
    10. Students will refrain from using loud voices, profanity, and/or obscene gestures, and will respect the rights and safety of others.
    11. Students will not extend head, arms, or objects out of the bus windows.
    12. Students will be totally silent at railroad crossings.
    13. Students will stay seated until it’s time to exit the bus. The open door is the signal to get up from the bus seat.
    14. Students must provide a written note, signed by a parent/guardian and a school official, giving permission to ride a different bus or to get on or off at a different bus stop location. Bay Creek Middle School will only approve these for emergencies.
    15. Students will help keep their bus clean and in good, safe condition.
    16. Students shall be prohibited from using any electronic devices during the operation of a school bus, including but not limited to cell phones, pagers, radios, tape, IPods, CD players, or any other electronic device that might interfere with the school bus communications equipment or the school bus driver’s operation of the bus.
    17. Students shall be prohibited from using mirrors, lasers, flash cameras, or any other lights or reflective devices that might interfere with the school bus driver’s operation of the school bus.

    Note: ALL GCPS rules for student conduct apply in route to and from school, on the school bus, and at bus stops.

  • Car Rider Protocol

    Parents will need to fill out a Car Rider/Walker Authorization form and submit it to the homeroom teacher. Parents must pick up car rider tag from the front office receptionist to display on the rearview mirror during car rider pick-up and dismissal. If more than one tag is needed, please let the receptionist know. Car riders may not disembark from their vehicles prior to 8:15 AM. Once it is 8:15 AM, there is NO PARKED CAR in the car rider lane. Students who are transported by automobile must use the appropriate pick-up and drop-off areas. This is critical to maintain student safety. Students must be picked up no later than 4:15 PM. Parents arriving after 4:15 PM must pick their child up at the front office. Procedures for a speedy, safe, and successful Car Rider dismissal:

    • Drivers must display car rider tag on rearview mirror.
    • Drivers should continue to pull forward as far as possible. The first car in line should stop at the raised paved crosswalk. This will allow us to maximize the number of cars that may be loaded at one time, thus decreasing your wait time!
    • For morning car rider drop off, pull forward as far as possible so we can maximize the number of cars that can unload at one time. Once you have come to a complete stop, your child can exit the vehicle. Students need to unload from the car when the car comes to a stop in the line even if the car does not stop near the entrance. After your child has exited the vehicle, wait until the car in front of you pulls forward. Do not pull around parked or unloading cars.
    • During afternoon dismissal, students will be lined up along the wooden fence so they have a clear view of cars in the lane. Students are asked to watch for their car and then walk to meet their car. Students should not attempt to load the car until the car is completely stopped.
    • We will load cars from the raised crosswalk all the way back to the end of the wooden fence.
    • If a student fails to load his/her vehicle while the car is in the loading lane, the car will be directed to loop around and get back in line. Students must continuously watch for their vehicle—this is very important and keeps parents from having to loop around. Please encourage your child to watch for you. Students may load from the front of the line, all the way back to end of the wooden fence where a staff member is standing.
    • We will load the entire line of cars at one time. Please do not pull around parked cars unless a staff member directs you to do so. Once the first car in the line is loaded, we will release the line for exit.
    • Please be patient and courteous to other vehicles and staff members.
    • Cell phone use while in the car rider line is strictly prohibited.
    • Students that have to be called more than three times to the car rider lane for pick up, will be assigned detention. 11
    • For the safety of all, drop off and pick up should only happen in the car rider lane and not in any other area or road.

  • Early Drop Off

    Students arriving at 8:15 should report to the cafeteria for silent study hall unless it is help day and the student is reporting to the appropriate teacher for help day. School begins promptly at 9:15 AM. Students arriving later than 9:20 AM are marked tardy.

  • Transportation Concerns

    If you have questions or concerns about your student and their transportation, please contact their grade level administrator.