• Parent Center Purpose: Introduce Parents to the GCPS School Culture with an Emphasis on:


    • Attendance
    • Behavioral expectations
    • Promotion criteria
    • Grading
    • School activities, clubs, transportation.

    Our Parent Liaison, Ms. Shefije Lika, will provide families a welcoming in-person environment and online experience and invite them to participate as equal partners in their children's education. 

    Bay Creek Middle School will provide parents with multiple and frequent opportunities during the year to acquire the necessary information, knowledge, and skills to support their children's education at home and school.  Ms. Lika will also be available to respond to parent concerns to ensure the child’s educational needs and the family’s well-being needs are met.   

    Parents will be introduced and encouraged to engage with the school’s volunteer program to support school-wide, classroom, and parent involvement activities and even the occasional opportunities to volunteer from home. 

    Contact: Ms. Shefije Lika, BCMS Parent Liaison
    Email: shefije.lika@gcpsk12.org
    Phone: (678) 344-7570
    Hours: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm