• The Expectation for Students is to be at their B.E.S.T!
    Be Respectful
    Engage in Learning
    Strive for Success
    Take Responsibility

    • Hopkins Elementary is continuing our P.B.I.S. program.  We were recognized as a distinguished school for P.B.I.S. and pride ourselves on providing students with a safe, positive, and orderly environment where they can learn best.  Hopkins Elementary School strives to foster a sense of responsibility. We have school expectations that will be encouraged in all areas of our building. Students earn “B.E.S.T. Tickets” daily for meeting and exceeding expectations in our school environment with their daily behavior. Students will use their B.E.S.T tickets for classroom incentives and to participate in scheduled P.B.I.S. celebrations. Please encourage your children to be at their B.E.S.T. each day! 

      In order to continue to provide the excellent learning climate your child so richly deserves, we will be focusing on highlighting the positive behaviors a student exhibits. Our approach is to allow students to change and prevent behaviors that impact their learning in the classroom.


      Students who are unable to correct or modify their behavior could earn Minor Incident Referrals or Disciplinary Referrals. These referrals will be evident in the students’ discipline record.  These students will also participate in restorative practice lessons to reteach the correct behavior.  


    • We are excited to see the positive changes in student behavior that P.B.I.S. has helped to inspire. In this environment, all students are capable, with support and encouragement, of being responsible for their own behavior. Parents and educators must work together as partners in teaching students to make decisions about behavior and to understand the consequences of that behavior.