• Cafeteria Information

    Menu Information

    See the breakfast and lunch menu.


    Cafeteria Pricing

    Breakfast Prices

    Reduced price is $0.30.

    Regular price is $1.50.


    Lunch Prices

    Reduced price is $0.40.

    Regular price is $2.25.


    Purchasing Extra Cafeteria Items

    Students may purchase extra items for lunch and breakfast for an additional cost. The prices below show the cost of each additional menu item.

    • Extra breakfast entree is $1.75
    • Extra lunch entree is $2.00
    • Extra milk is $0.40
    • Extra fruit is $0.40
    • Extra vegetable is $0.40

    Free and Reduced Priced Lunch Information

    All families must re-apply every year for the free and reduced price lunch program.
    School Lunch App Online Free and Reduced Application

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This institution is an equal opportunity provider.