• Clinic Worker: Carmen Rendon
    Clinic Phone: 678-407-8905

    The school maintains a clinic for students. When students become ill or injured during the day, they should report it immediately to the teacher and request a pass to the clinic. Clinic workers will contact parents as situations require. For this reason, it is imperative that parents complete a Clinic Card at the beginning of school that includes emergency phone numbers. Clinic workers supervise the administration of medications, take temperatures and administer emergency first aid when appropriate.

    ​Prescription Medications: Taking medications during school hours is discouraged. Parents are asked to arrange medication schedules so that it is not necessary for medication to be taken at school. However, if the treating physician recommends such administration, then the parent must complete the Administration of Medication Request Form (available from the school clinic) and return it to the school. This form asks for a specific length of time the medication is to be taken and instructions including dosage and time of administration. Prescription medications must be in the original prescription container and must be housed in the clinic. Students may not have prescription medications in their possession or share these medications with others.

    Information: Medication & Health Plans

    List of GCPS Medical Forms
    If it has been indicated that a student has a current medical problem, a completed health management plan should be on file in the clinic. These forms help provide the medical information needed to best care for your child while at school and they must be updated each school year. These forms are available in the clinic.
    Medications: Taking medication (prescription and over-the-counter) during school hours is discouraged, but if the student needs medication at school:
    (1) The medication must be provided by a parent/guardian.
    (2) An Administration of Medication Request form must be filled out by a parent/guardian and on file in the clinic.
    All medication must be in the original container and stored in the clinic. Medication in envelopes and baggies will not be accepted. All medication must be brought into the clinic by a parent/guardian.

    When to keep your child home

    The main reasons for keeping your child home:
    (1) if they are too sick to be comfortable at school
    2) if they might spread a contagious disease to others.
    As a rule of thumb, a child should stay home if there is:
    1 Fever 100.4°F or higher with or without symptoms
    2 Vomiting more than once
    3 Diarrhea
    4 Very frequent cough
    5 Persistent pain (ear, stomach, etc.)
    6 Rash with fever or signs of illness
    7 Pinkeye / conjunctivitis

    Please remember to update your phone contact numbers throughout the school year.