• Taylor Elementary School Retest Policy

  • As we begin a new semester, we are sharing the Taylor Elementary Retest Policy for 2024. This policy is designed to support and encourage the academic growth of our learners. Recognizing the importance of providing every student with ample opportunities to succeed, we will be implementing the following.

    In compliance with Gwinnett County Public School Grading Procedures, P.IHA, “Teachers are responsible for providing intervention strategies for students not progressing satisfactorily and for allowing additional opportunities for reassessment and/or completing assignments.” Additionally, according to the same procedure, a U (0%-69%) is considered “...unsatisfactory progress.”

    • The opportunity to retest will be offered to a student who scores 69% or lower on ANY Summative Assessment.

    • Teachers will notify parents (ie. email, phone call, note home) of their child’s summative grade and the retest correction date. Please be sure to check the parent portal for the score update.

    • A student must go through remediation before taking the retest. Grade levels will determine the remediation process.

    • Retest procedures will include the students making test corrections to any INCORRECT answers IN CLASS. The students will have the opportunity to earn 50% back on each incorrect item on their test. (ex: if a question is worth 4 points originally, the student could earn 2 points back on that question.

    • Retest scores will be entered into the gradebook as (retest grade. Original grade). So, if a student scored a 55 on the original test then a 75 after retest it would be 75.55

    • Retests need to be given within 2 weeks of the original assessment. No retest will be administered the last week of each semester.

    • A student can only retest a summative assessment one time. (ex: Unit 1 Math assessment can only be retested one time even if the student scores below a 69% on the retest.)