• Transportation Information

Bus Information

  • Parents are responsible for the safety and supervision of their children from the time the children leave home in the morning until they board the bus, and at the end of the day from the time their children depart the bus until they arrive home. The care, supervision, and behavior of children at the bus stop (prior to loading in the morning, and after unloading from the school bus in the afternoon) is the parent's responsibility.

    Please ensure that your child arrives at the correct stop 5-10 minutes before the bus arrives.

Daycare Providers

  • Although we cannot endorse any individual facility, we have included a list of childcare providers that offer transportation to and from our school.

    List of Daycare Providers


Car Rider Information

  • Parents who bring their children to school or pick them up after school should use the drive at the back of the building. Cars are routed through the parking lot path and school personnel assist children. We make every effort to provide a safe procedure for your child’s arrival and departure from school. Your cooperation in following the car rider procedures is greatly appreciated.


    • Each family will be issued a car rider number. This number will identify the student or students to the vehicle. Cars arriving without a car rider number will be asked to park and report to the school office to show ID.

    • Do not allow children to exit the car if there is no staff supervision. Children must exit and enter the car on the side closest to the sidewalk.

    • The car rider line begins at 8:15 AM and morning announcements begin at 8:50. Students should arrive early enough to be unpacked, have breakfast if needed, and seated by the 8:40 AM bell.

    • The car rider line will close at 8:45 AM. You must park your car at the front of the building and walk in with your child to check-in at the front lobby desk after 8:45. If you arrive after 8:50 AM, your child will be considered tardy.

    • The school day ends at 3:20 PM. Please be punctual in picking up your child. All car riders must be picked up by 3:40 PM.

    • Cars must remain in line and only unload at the designated spot under the supervision of staff members. Do not park and walk your children through traffic. Students must load and unload as directed by Ferguson staff.

    • Cars may not pass other cars or buses unless directed to do so by school staff.

    • Discontinue any cell phone use while in the car rider line to avoid any unnecessary distractions.

    • Do not idle the car while waiting for the morning drop off or the afternoon pick-up.