• Mission & Vision

  • Our Vision

    Harris Elementary will become a community of learners who are academically successful, socially responsible and productive members of society.

    Our Mission

    The mission of Harris Elementary is to utilize research-based strategies and innovative tools to develop critical thinkers and effective decision makers.

  • We believe in…

    Empathy: Each and every studen is succesful in a safe, understanding, and nurturing learning environment that  fosters passions, creativity, and achievement through a strong partnership with stakeholders.

    Equity:  All educators provide individualized and meaningful insruction within a supportive environment to meet the diverse academic, social, and emotional needs of all studetns and to ensure students reach their full and unique potential. 

    Effectiveness: Our purpose is to increase student achievement. All students can show high academic growth and results through intentional data-driven instruction.

    Excellence: Our core business is to provide rigorous, individualized, and meaningful instruction using a variety of strategies and resources, so that each and every student can achieve high academic, behavioral, and social-emotional growth.