• Cafeteria

  • Cafeteria Information

    We welcome parents to join their students for lunch and we ask that you please adhere to the following procedures while in the building:

  • Lunch Visitors

    • Lunch visitors are welcome Monday - Friday.
    • Due to changes in schedules, please refrain from visiting for lunch during testing administrations.  These dates will be published on the Harris Elementary website, please check accordingly.

  • Checking In & Out

    • Upon arrival, you must check in at the kiosk located in the front office. You will receive a YELLOW sticker that must be worn visibly while in the school building.
    • Prior to leaving the building, please check-out at the kiosk.

  • Food

    • We support the Wellness Program and therefore ask that you do not bring fast food into the school.
    • Store bought treats brought in for the class should be pre-arranged with your child’s teacher and may only be shared with your child’s class.
    • Please be aware of allergy restrictions in your child’s class when selecting treats.
    • Harris ES will not supply or allow knives into the school building. Please pre-cut items or provide single serve items.
    • Please refrain from bringing balloons, party favors, etc into the cafeteria.

  • Where To Park

    Please utilize the front or back parking lot and enter the building through the front doors. Please DO NOT park in the bus lanes.

  •  Student Breakfast

    Full Price $1.50
    Reduced Price $0.30 

    Student Lunch

    Full Price $2.25
    Reduced Price $0.40

    A La Carte

    Milk $0.40
    Extra Side $0.40

    Adult Lunch

    Full Lunch
    Entree Only/Extra Entree $2.25
    Side $0.40
    Tea $0.35