DDS Documents

  • Certificate of Enrollment and Replacement ADAP Forms

    To obtain a certificate of enrollment ($3) or a re-print of your ADAP ($5) form go to (listed under school fees) and make the payment. Once you pay, it automatically notifies Mrs. Moye in student services. Both documents take 24-48 hours to process.

    Please arrange for pick up by contacting Mrs. Moye at if a digital student. In person students can stop by Student Services after 24-48 hours for pick up.

    If over summer break, call the school’s main line at 678-765-4040 to arrange for pick up.

Work Permits

  • Work permits are only required for students under the age of 16.

    How to obtain a Work Permit step-by-step:

    • Students, click on this link to begin completing the Minor section online at the Georgia Department of Labor website.
    • Enter the Social Security Number or Parent Alien Certification number, date of birth, and then select “Start New Permit”.
    • Enter name, address, parent’s name, etc. and select “Submit”
    • Ensure all fields are correct and complete.
    • Select “Submit”.
    • Minor will receive a 10 character “Minor Security Key (MSK)”. Print the “Work Permit Minor Confirmation Page” with the MSK and submit to the potential employer to complete the Employer section online at the Georgia Department of Labor website.
    • Make Payment online for the form of $5 on MyPaymentsPlus.

    Once the employer has completed their portion online, the student must email LHS’s Authorized Issuing Officer, Mrs. Moye at with the MSK code in order for her to certify the Work Permit.

    Please allow up to 48 hours for processing prior to picking up.