• Connections and Carnegie Unit Courses

    Our connections courses are arranged in pathways as is the case when students reach high school.  Pathways include Fine Arts, STEM, Communications/Foreign Language, and Health/PE. These courses and pathways are designed for students to explore their interests and gain a better footing on a chosen pathway in high school.  While students are not necessarily required to remain within a pathway throughout middle school, the exposure in earlier grades will help students determine their interest prior to entering 9th grade.

  • Career and Technical Education Department

    Our Career and Technical Education Department is a part of our STEM Pathway.  This includes Engineering, Business, and Computer Science courses.  In 8th grade, these courses are offered as Carnegie Unit courses, which will provide students with the opportunity to earn high school credit.  As a result of accepting the high school credit, students move on to the next course in the pathway when they reach 9th grade.

    Click Here for our Career & Technical Education Course Descriptions

  • Spanish

    In order for a student to earn a Carnegie Unit in Spanish, students are committed to a 2-year program, which begins in 7th grade. Upon successful completion of both years of Spanish in middle school, students may earn a Carnegie Unit towards high school Spanish 1.

Connections Pathways 2019-2020