Requirements for Promotion

  • Each class with a grade earned of 70 or above will count as 0.5 credits. 

    For promotion to 10th grade: 5 credits
    For promotion to 11th grade: 11 credits
    For promotion to 12th grade: 17 credits

    Requirements for Graduation: 23 credits met according to graduation requirements and standardized assessment requirements as determined by state and district policies. Passing the Gateway is a graduation requirement for students.

    *For admission to a University System of Georgia college or university, students are required to pass specific courses in each academic area, including two units of the same Modern or Classical Language.  Core academic courses, both required and elective, are included in calculation of the HOPE GPA for HOPE Scholarship eligibility.

Grading Scale

  • A     90 to 100

    B     80 to 89

    C     70 to 79

    F     0 to 69

    Credit Recovery is offered for some classes if the final average is between a 60 to 69.  Please email your student's counselor if you have questions about credit recovery.