• Lexile Framework

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    The Lexile Framework for Reading is a system that assigns a level to books and to readers. Readers can be tested to see where on the scale their reading level lies. Our students are tested in their Milestones tests, and their Lexile scores come back with their Milestones scores.

    Milestones results will have two scores: a current lexile level and a stretch level. The current level is where your child could read comfortably at the time of the test and the stretch is the level where your child can read for short pieces, like reading a page or two in a textbook.

    It’s okay if your child wants to read books for fun that are below their Lexile level. Reading lower-level books still improves fluency! Most adults choose books for pleasure reading that are lower than their current reading level. For example, most adults would not choose to read a textbook for fun.